Thank you blizzard for terrible cutscene at expansion finale

What was that?
Not to mention we usually had cinematic, not a cutscene but guess your no content (1/10 chunks of content being released at faster pace) lowered subs so much that we don’t even deserve for proper raid finale cinematic
Anyway this would be acceptable
but this cutscene was the most boring, predictive, childish ( AGAIN ) and forced stuff
Really great conclusion for DF story

It really saddens me how blizzard thinks that game with playerbase of 25+ average age should eat up nick jr fairytale leftovers ( you know their cartoons are oryginal at least )

Do you really have so much impostors in storytelling and design team? Because I wouldn’t call it anything else than laughing and spitting in our face
Who writes this story? Someone’s 7year old daughter? Even AI would write more interesting and intelligent stuff

Terrible reality check as conclusion, thank you for letting me know that you think your players are just some dumb kids

I won’t pay for next expansion until i see more storytelling of it, if it will be the same crap - I think everyone who has money for this game is really way too grown to play it


we kids strong together!

we good you bad, so you die, pew



When I imagine team that has on mind that they are responsible for writing story of game that has playerbase of 20+ I only see people that hate blizzard so much that they come up with ideas they are loud laughing about because they know it will cause dissapointment

I really start to believe the rumours that blizzard was blackmailed to take some people to work for them



together we stronger!

together we are one, fanfares


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Can’t wait for captain grim to make fun of this one also in one of his future videos.


As others pointed it out in comments of YT videos sharing the “cinematic”, Azeroth is also a titan. So this “we need no titants anymore” anti-titan propagada has zero sense. Again, the same thing happened, instead of shapin their ideology into a cherent chapter of the story, they twisted this part of the story to fit their “The Message”.

The story instead being one solid sheet of fabric, which is strong and durable, is made of badly sewn together patches, different sizes, types of textil, with no planning how to pin them together.

People saying that Metzen came back recently, so he probably could not change this kind of story driving we had in DF, or simply it was too late, since conent was already fininshed, so even he could not do a thing about it, etc. It might be true, might be false, tbh we will never know. But what we have to be aware of is that he has to work with this, SL and BfA. He has to be very bold (he would be my hero if he would do it) to ignore all the crab parts of the late 3 expansions, and go on his own way, even if it means that the new expansion won’t tied to these closely.


Steve Danuser ~ 2023, Probably.


Ive always defended the cutscenes and dialogue this expansion because I thought they were really entertaining and well done.
However…erm, yeeeeaaaahh… it was bad. So cheesey it made me cringe and that whole ‘power of love’ thing? It was badly written, plain and simple.

I like the idea of uniting the dragon races and the fact Fyrakk comes to a sticky end when he has spent the entire expansion like a rampaging toddler with an Uzi makes sense!

As I say Im generally a big fan but those few scenes (we all know which ones)…


Idk how can something be made so overloaded with cringe, some kid cinemas from dragonflight even have voice acting like voice actors couldnt help it but cringe as well
why is wow trying to be like 3+ version of marvel? who thought it would be good idea for game that additionally is that expensive? 12+ can afford this game only with rich parents, most of people and it’s SAFE TO SAY could start playing and paying for wow at atleast 16+ …and even people at age of 12 (or even younger )cringe hard at this kind of crap


but see thats the twist its totally not a titan because daunser likes to subvert expectations :smiley: so even if the 3rd expansion pack is called the last titan clearly its not about a titan :smiley:

Imo the cinematic should have been the following:

  1. The Aspects get empowered by Azeroth.
  2. When the Camera zooms in (as in the live version) on Alexstraza, we see a cut-in of Azeroths Core(?) from the War Within Reveal Cinematic (but stylized of course).
  3. During that cut-in shot of the core, we hear Azeroths voice calling “Aspects!” out, like Azeroth itself is calling to Anduin in the Reveal Cinematic. This marks the beginning of the “Visions” mentioned by Thrall and Anduin.
  4. All the Aspects shared that Vision of course and instead of completing their sentences like children, they debate about the Voice of Azeroth and their now granted powers and what was the reason why they have been blessed IN THAT VERY MOMENT by Azeroth itself. They also make guesses about the future to some extend (aka, Murozond says something like “I feel a new, dark future rising on the horizon of my view” or something similar)
  5. The cutscene ends with a abrupt cut after those words. No “happy-fairy-tale” tone at all.

I think that Azeroth is not a titan, that in fact no world soul is a titan, but that the titans come along and “order” world souls to make them titans and prevent them becoming old god titans. And we shall stand up and say “WE ARE OUR SCAAAAAAAAAARS” and tell 'em to where to go.

Why even care after SL? Pretty much everything we knew was the Jailors plan, death doesn’t matter and we can 3D print a new universe. But a bunch of dragons decided that they are friends/family and got their pewpew back is jumping the shark? And lets be real the Aspects aren’t that powerful anyway, I think they are on par with or around the range of titan keepers (which agaiin robots).

I really don’t care about characters or the story anymore. Thanks Steve.

PS “we dont need no titans anymore” - >“we got empowered by Azeroth, which is a titan”

Is the same as

“I will never serve reeee” - >“I will blindly follow the cringler and do whatever he says because reason”

Classic Denuser.


This is wat you get when all ppl was liek “omg no faction, no war mew mew just love”

Enjoy now this disney love fest.


I liked it, feel the power of friendship and love, you lonely bastards!

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you can feel the power of friendship with serious vibe instead of derp scenario written for kids.
Do you enjoy power of friendship in dora explorer too? Do you clap your hands to it ? :slight_smile:

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I dont think it was bad, not the best but not bad, it was different from most ending cinematics though that is for sure, but atlest it kept its agenda to the end, where the Dragonflight has been trying to get their powers back, and then realicing finaly that they cant just take the power they has to earn it.
and the Family talk has been going on ever since Kalegos has been arround anyways.

but to talk about lame endings, SL one takes the cake, big bad Jailer lol, that then when he dies we se oh he was a pupet lol, that was just lol.


After listening to all these whines you improved my impression of the cutscene. And story.

I have been reading so much negative about the story content this patch, but after having read, watched and listened to every tiny bit I have come over, + now just watching the raid cinematic at youtube… I really don’t see what is so much worse or cringe about this patch compared to any other.

It’s classic WoW, and a bunch of references to the original nightelven leveling content.

Honestly, the way you respond to it is more childish than the cutscene. I don’t understand this need to label things as childish because it didn’t work out the way you wanted it.

Toot :notes:

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