Thank you Blizzard

Fire is in the absolute very bottom. It doesn’t matter how many buffs they push. The playstyle is horrendous, the damage is horrendous, the amount of effort to master the spec for no gain is horrendous.
Unless we see a full rework of the spec this is going to be the case until the end of the expansion.

Top mages are playing and gearing Arcane for mythic prog, frost has the same stats. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with fire’s dmg, it was like this at the start of 10.0 and as soon as top players got fire gear for reclears it was good.

As above said, fires damage isnt horrendeous,

At the bleeding edge, players will swap speccs for a 3% dps increase. This will skew log results due to top tier players representing one specc leaving the otjer to be represented by far less skilled players.

Wowlogs is admitted across the board to massively exaggerate dps differences because of that.

Mage is a 3 specc class, im afraid, in such a class ur never gonna feel good die hard maining a singular specc as the games continously built to make u swap speccs.

That philosphy kinda went out the window with the legion era, where they attempted to drive specc identity. As players got mad at it and demanded reversion.

Look on the bright side.

Your not DH or Monk u have 2 speccs widely outperforming them in all pve content :joy: and they aint wven got a back up choice without rerolling

Continuing the discussion from Dragonflight Fractures in Time PTR Development Notes:

Some quite big changes coming to Fire in the first phase of the Mage rework (focused on Arcane).

I think at this point they’re concentrating on making the spec more accessible to play. Hopefully a full rework is not too far away.

Fire is in a very bad state. Although it will be improving in 10.1.5, they should buff something now via hotfix. It’s still okay in M+, although I am far behind other classes, but it’s absolutely terrible in the Raid/ST.

Yesterday I respecced to Arcane and went Heroic Zaqali Assault. Not even having the rotation in my head fully again, it’s more an AOE encounter and not even having my secondary stats tuned, I logged immediately ~10k dps higher than my last fire kill of Zaqali and ranked somewhere in the middle.

I had T30 2pc and T29 2pc with ~428 ilvl and I was doing less damage in ST encounters than Warlocks, Rogues or similar 10 ilvl below me.

in the next patch fire is gonna be busted

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