Thank you for being flawed everyone


I got back into the game some two weeks ago, and in that time, I have done some group contents, and I have to say, the most fun dungeons runs (I’m getting there guys) have been those where we have a few snafus, where things doesn’t go to plan, where we could laugh at ourselves, things that you actually remember, rather than a flawless run with a completely silent team which I swear could just be robots! So thank you for being imperfect and memorable, you make this game something worth playing. Thank you <3


Most/all runs used to be like that… Because people didn’t insta-leave after 1 wipe because it took time to find a new group…
But I must admit the dungeon finder tool is convenient.

Anyway, I too cherish those times you actually find people to play with that just laugh off a wipe and get back up and try again with a smile :slight_smile:


I was in Gnomeregan once, we got seperated halfway through and both halves waited for the other, then we made some failed efforts to reunite and eventually got to the part were we help a gnome blow up some rocks. “What’s the worst that could happen” said I and squished myself against the blast zone. Proceed to me getting trapped in the cave behind the rocks being unable to contribute, until I brained enough to port out and in again.

Actually, can we just turn this thread into funny dungeon stories?

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My condolences, awful place


Could be worse =)

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Instances are all fun and games until you get to higher keys. Starting around 13/14 one wipe (usually one mistake, ninja pulls whatever) and it’s mostly over.

I thoroughly enjoy pushing through no matter what and clawing through mistakes but M+ is all about making thing smooth and fast. And TBH I enjoy M+ quite a bit.


I like TBC timewalking cause there is always a dude ignorant enough to pay 0 attention to the dungeon mechanics + pull first + blame tank and healer

like observing a pig washing in mad, but blaming a cow for it :slight_smile:

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TBC, a place where mobs were smarter than players.

Good times.

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