Thank you Horde

Thank you for your warm welcome at Undercity tonight Horde, we enjoyed killing you with our limited numbers, it is such a shame it took your whole faction coming to undercity to attempt to kill us!

Warm wishes, we will see you all again soon from Cyrus


Fun evening :slight_smile: Sorry you couldn’t enter WPL for a while


Dear horde,

Due to alliance working on the road between Tirisfal Glades and Bulwark and as a result, this road is currently of limits to the weak.




Personally, I think we should all be friends.

As the Argent Dawn say, the real enemy is the Scourge!

What do you all say we call a parlay?

come phase 2, then we’ll see how alliance will be thanking horde


Last fight was 2 days ago (That I attended atleast(Horde ofcourse)).
The charge between tristfal and western plaguelands when we were holding you off for a while with limited people was also great, 14 of us and 20~ of you, you were even summoning people in, which the entire guild was laughing non stop the entire time, was actual good fun.
Thx for the action, phase 2 will certainly be fun. Blitzkrieg will gladly take the fight even if its 10v20.

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It was a laugh, we were baiting summons, hoping you would call in reinforcements.

We didn’t want to push forward until the numbers were even, obviously we would still prevent you crossing the border :stuck_out_tongue:

Blitzkrieg should get in touch if you want a fair organised PvP event in p2.

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“Cyrus” members should be careful at the harbor :slight_smile:

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I had Res Sickness when you opened on me, I was looking for you afterwards to give you a cookie, but you were gone! /cry

that felpup gave me a heartattack, forgot they can follow you through stealth to be honest

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That was fun, he clearly runs faster than me.

Will definitely keep an eye out for you in the world!

If you ever wish to organise a larger scale PvP event - get in touch on discord! https: // discord .gg / 5F3RJS


Who the F are Cyrus ?