Thanks for all the tears

The amount of drama I’ve read yesterday with the Flamelash migration to here has been incredible. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it though. The one thing I missed of the vanilla experience was the realm forums and the continuous namecalling. Thanks for letting me enjoy that again.

I’m sorry for the og earthshaker pop that there’s a large inflow of players now potentially ruining your low pop server experience. Blizzard really didn’t give us (the Flamelash players) an option and I hope with the release of BGs the world will quiet down for you.

Seeing the same names corpsecamp me or take control over a zone for me is fun, it gives me satisfaction when I finally get to kill them rather than killing some random lvl 56.

I hope this server gives us some more stability (and some more backup for the Venture boys). Can’t wait to see more drama emerge. Thanks! N U C L E U S N O O B S

I must say being mc’d to death in the brm lava was quite painful

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