That Ret debacle just goes to show

That there is absolutely 0 developers assigned to pvp right now. Some of these ret nerfs were crazy (50-70% reductions on certain spells and abilities)

And we are to believe the ret reworks were tested and tried at their end with this sort of tweaking lol ? Just sad really.


they assigned the problem within a few days which is good although they should have tested it on ptr before but for some reason they rarely do that.
Their politic seems to wait and test stuff on live ladder first.


they get the most data on live servers, its been like this for many years.

I dont see the problem, it got nerfed after 3 days, big wow


From what iv read alot of silly sauceages have climbed way higher than they normally would in all of the brackets in that time gaining items, Titles and armor skins they normally wouldnt be able to get lol. How is that not a problem :joy:


And this is different compared to any other spec being overpowered, how?

I’ll answer, it’s not.

It’s as much of a problem as any other instance of it, which people don’t speak as loudly of, for some reason.

The only difference, Blizzard nerfed it faster than they ever have, and we will likely see some more changes coming, but at least they’re beatable now.

F’ing finally, someone that actually speaks logically without acting as if Retri has been dominating ladder with the buffs for months.


the reason they fixxed it so fast is that every lobby consited of atleast one ret not only in EU but US also.
people were just pissed off being clapped by largely overtuned rets every single lobby they played.
the first comment on the community council to the patch was about rets pleagueing rss and had almost 400 likes. if they kept it for months people wouldve lost their mind. and tbf it was unplayable.

Which is entirely fair, and I agree with you, it was unfun to face and definitely way over the top, hell, it’ll likely get more nerfs soon. Although It does kinda feel like people dont want Retri in the meta, just look at the many posts that came up immediately wanting them giga gutted, rather than balanced.

But it isn’t uncommon in arenas for people to abuse FOTM to gain “undeserved” rewards, and there have been other instances of specs being way above an S tier, and taking way longer to get fixed.

So it’s quite absurd when people act as if it’s a new thing that people get rating they dont deserve.


Dont get me wrong im not salty about the whole thing, I only started playing again about 2 days ago so it didnt really effect me personally, Paladins in general have been a laughing stock for the whole of season 1 and im happy for them. Ret is in a much better place now but i just wish the same could be said for holy.

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Giving these rewards away “for free” is only a problem in a relatively small bubble.

I don’t think Blizz themselves really care much about how many people get these rewards, they only care to an extent because us players do. You can compare this to the TCG Twitch drops because these cards or rather codes don’t actually have this value attached to them. It’s not like you can go and buy spectral tiger from Blizz for 7000 bucks, it’s “value” only comes from increasing scarcity and people willing to pay crazy sums for them, but Blizz themselves never put this pricetag on them and they don’t care what it means to give them out for free on Twitch, same as PvP rewards.

You really think any of the devs care, whether some ret pushed a quick 3v3 r1 the past few days and ends up kicking some rogue out of the cutoff at the end of the season?


Haha kicking some rogues out of the cutoff, i liked it

Watching venruki and cdew it seems like every lobby still consists of a ret paladin.

Maybe it really was just players trying a new reworked spec… copium

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In my humble opinion, we have two options.
The first is that the feedback from the players during the PTR was modest. This thought prompts me to take an active part in future PTR tests. Something like good citizenship.

The second darker option is that this whole week is planned action. Feedback from players was ignored. Many players, seeing what the paladins are doing, probably buy boosts quickly, which of course drives the economy.

The second option, of course, is much less likely. Beloved Blizzard has never done things out of pure lust for profit, and the good of the players always comes first.

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The boost theory doesnt make sense and if you boosted a ret just so that you could abuse before inevitable nerfs, you kind of deserved it.

The negative consequence of DF gearing system is that you can have a geared toon 3 hours upon dinging 70 + conquest boxes were released, thus rerolling meta is easy.

As for PTR ret, things simply werent tested enough for pvp and they buffed ret damage by 20% across the board almost last minute.

Is it embarassing to have let it live like that? Yes it is. Is there some grand scheme to sell boosts in an expansion in which lvling and pvp gearing has never been easier? Doubt it.

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People gave a lot of feedback on the PTR and pointed out that Ret was broken even before the last minute buffs, but they released it anyway


I am not sure about the “planned action” part, since I believe they would have kept the time period a little bit more extended before the nerfs.

But I know for a fact that they have ignored valuable feedback, and have done so numerous times in the past. Both for the PvE and the PvP aspect.

problem is that 1.6 for life ppl rocketed to 3k and then inflated forum telling everyone “just line it bro” or ppl asking dumb nerfs for specs that is countering it like demo that did not rocket from any challenger for life statuses to 3k overnight because demo is not busted like ret were and still is lol

and its problem when something is launched live on state where its so broken that it carrys the spec for challenger people to 3k in 3 days :joy:

should never went down like that with the feedback they got from ptr


didnt people also complain in the beginning about every lobby being fury, dh and udk?
they didnt get trashed as quickly. forum was also full with it at the beginning of the season.

they seem to be always very quickly with enhance and rets. they really rrally dont like these to specs to be somewhat enjoyable in pvp.

we find ret dies too much… buff survivabilty… clap survivabilty 3 days later. uhm ok.
the nerfs for ret are not done. just wait till they nerf more stuff by 50%.

i am not playing ret but it is really a circus what they are doing


With all respect Totemtoez. I haven’t seen something as broken as Ret atm and I’ve seen S12 BM and Arms. I didn’t have pleasure to play against S5 DK but I trust Mes when he says it’s the same level.

Imagine that Ret is better in every aspect than any other spec in the game. There are many broken things. Judgment Dispel for some reason doesn’t have it’s 10 sec internal CD., DP being Shamanistic Rage on top of other Ret CDs, not to mention the best damage in the game. I get it that Rets are usually addressed fast but it’s not like Ret/War was the best meelecleave last whole expansion.


Enha is still as bad as it was. Until 10.0.7 Turbo was decent but there is absolutely no reason to play it over Ret/War.

ret was and still is in every single shuffle i play. i didnt experience aynthing remotely close so far with any other specc.

This and the fact that it’s not just damage is overtuned like in these cases. It’s all aspects. Judgement Dispel, Defensives and Utility for partners. Not only Rets one shot but don’t die, have more CDs for partners than H Pala but also shutdown some casters.

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