The #1 Shaman on NoggenFogger

Hey there, It’s the #1 Shaman on the server here: Flipe.

Some of you chumps think you’re real cool making me heal in dungeons but now I’m here to say that I instead , feel bad for you because you don’t even realise that the top DPS on the server is healing right beside you.

I peak Rank 13 Solo queued. No Alliance or Horde can challenge me in a duel and live to talk about it. That is why you are hearing this from me. I have destroyed countless noobs throughout the world of Azeroth. From the foothills of Hillsbrad to the Zepplin tower in Orgrimmar. I am invincible, and once I reach 60 and get my Hand of Rag Stormwind will face my wrath.

But if you’re looking for tips just ask. :slight_smile:

The best Shaman on Noggenfogger ,

Dude ur sick!

how is lvling going?

and can u tell me more about ur jurneyys?

how do u do that?

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