The Arathi Crystal is Obviously the tip of Sargeras sword

So here is my take.

Sargeras is really the god guy.

When we see the cutscene when the thrusts his sword into Azeroth. Notice that his flame is red/golden (Which can be interpreted as holy flame). He does not have any green flame/colour which is fel.

What if he found out something about either the Titans had been corrupted by the void or something. Or that Azeroth is the most powerful void Titan and already have been corrupted and the Pantheon refusing to take action on it.

He felt forced to make the burning legion to try and destroy Azeroth. Because of the Pantheons refusal to do so.

And to the tip of the sword (The light Crystal), What if the sword was a vessel for the Arathi holy guys which he collected somewhere in time and put into his sword.

We havent seen anything of where his sword was aimed or why. And a light crystal shaped like the tip of a sword seemingly sticking out of the cavern roof like that out of nowhere.

What if he inserted the sword to transport the Arathi guys into the underground as a final defense against the void.
Maybe Sargeras knows something we dont.

Doesn’t seem like it. Except if they are “kidding” with us again, I guess?

Tina Wang: Yeah. Something that I’ve seen online is that some people think the crystal and the crystalline ceiling is the sword - and it’s not. I just want to clarify that.
Anne Stickney: Different thing.


No it’s not. And here is the reason why. 1 it changes from light to void.
2. It was there about the time Arathi tribe ended up there which migrated there waaaay before Legion happened.

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To my knowledge, the only thing that might flicker like a defective lightbulb sometimes is a Naaru when it’s about to change state. First to a darkened naaru and eventually a void god once it goes kaput. The crystal almost looks like one of their dimensional ships too.

If it is, it’s more likely the Arathi trapped down there have been draining it of it’s powers somehow like the blood elves did. Or it’s been willingly using it’s energy to keep them safe by making some sort of sanctuary for them and protecting them against the old god/nerubian hordes. Maybe both and it’s accelerated this process.

Saving the naaru or having it fall would sort of help setup the saga for the next xpac Midnight too given the ‘light’ and ‘void’ overtones.

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pretty sure its a giant naaru :stuck_out_tongue: just ask the space goats they’d know though if it keeps switching from light to void it must be dying and regenerating while being unable to move

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Looks like just another invention they added to the lore outta nowhere. Either that or it’s the same stuff that Ashbringer was made of. But I’m expecting them to pull something new out of their behinds.

“That is the Radiant Crystal, it fell to Azeroth many, many millennia ago, and has warded and shielded this place with its light ever since. Down here, it means life and light in the dark.”

“Yes but what is it?”

“I just told you.”

“Sounds like a Naar’u?”

“It’s the Radiant Crystal”


“NO! It’s something cool and new, okay! It’s only here, only now, and was never mentioned before and will never be mentioned again after.”

“Ah… it’s like that mana crystal stuff from Legion, got it. Irrelevant.”


You know, I almost forgot ancient mana was a thing until you mentioned it.

Also, I really hope the narrative team can control themselves from inventing something completely new but the same for the sake of it. Just so they can leave thier mark irrespective of future repercussions on the lore.

Whatever the crystal is I just hope it makes canonical sense with everything else.
I hope that’s not asking for too much. Is it?

Naaru stuff wouldn’t really come from nowhere. The whole human religion was based on visions from Naaru and some Arathi following these visions to that light-crystal with a voidform seems pretty clear-cut for me. Now we’ll have to see if it’s just a Naaru, a cluster of Naaru, something greater, or just a grand Naaru product, but that’s just details,

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You know the answer and so do I. :unamused:

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