The battle for Darkshore quest won't show


Hey everyone, im just writing because that, the battle for Darkshore quest won’t show. its the quest where you get a ilvl 400. my guild members have done the quest but I won’t show for me.

i have talk with some of my guild members and they are saying that I might need to complete the hole war campaign to get it.

so what im asking is that, what should I do. am I going to complete the campaign or??

ps. thanks for replying

(Shammoz) #2

There were some pre-quests you had to do on at least one character.

It’s a scenario which starts with visiting Maiev in Stormwind City, did you do that or do you have that in your log? It did appear for one of my alts after the first part of the war campaign is complete (Not the new parts from Tides of Vengence) but as I had already done it on my main char, I could just go straight in.


i have completed the night warrior quest and I have completed some of the war campaign, so don’t really know what I should do.

(Shammoz) #4

By any chance do you still have the Battle for Stromgarde (the other warfront) in your quest log? If so, please abandon it and see if the new one pops up.


i will try and do it when i can play again. then I will return with an answer :smiley: thanks for the reply :smiley:

(Shammoz) #6

Is it the character you are posting on? It is not showing that you have completed the Tyrande’s Ascension storyline, did you complete that on a difference character?


yeah I have complete the night warrior quest on my night elf rouge, if its that quest you mean :smiley: is it??

(Shammoz) #8

Yes, thats the one. I completed it on my mage and my paladin and druid could both do the darkshore warfront, so I suspect it may be that you still have the old warfront quest in your log, so the new one will not show.


that might be. I will look at it when I can play :smiley: Thanks for the help :smiley: