The bleeds, rupture and garrote


As im doing some pvp i often check “my actios” for how much things hit for…

Rupture is 1400 and garrote about 1600 (aprox)

Is there any reason, other than energyregen, to keep this “bleeds” up? Cause it surely feels like you could outheal them just by losing combat.

I try to stack up trinket (increase mastery by 900ish), vendetta and beserk…just so it FEELS like its doing any good…

Any1 else?


It’s a part of your main damaging abilities, but mostly for energy regen.

(Vulrin) #3

in PVE its your main damaging abilities, in PVP its eh…its just pressure.


Sustain pressure in arenas is very important. When your main burst is mutilate-envenoms, keeping the pressure when you dont have cc is very good+ooming the healer. And of course, you literally can’t press anything when you dont bleeds up cuz you have no energy

(Nexintus) #5

Spreading dots increases sustained pressure and increases energy regen which increases your damage so…yes?

(system) #6

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