The blue dragonflight questline was awesome (no spoilers)

I want to say, this was awesome. I logged in to do some other things, saw the quest and I thought I should finish the campaign, cuz I am a slave of the system. I was doing it all quickly, then I was requested to choose locations in old worlds, and I’m like “hoooold a minute.” And I started to read the quest text and dialogues, which is a benchmark for a good story. Last time I read a quest text was 2016.

One thing I think is a missed opportunity was to make one of the members be evil, and we discover it later. But overall, all the characters were interesting, and it was so great to be back to the old zones.

Another missed opportunity was a really good manuscript, like a full customization. “A wow player wants more rewards. For other news for today, the sky is blue.”

Really well done, I have no words. And Calec got some lore very much to explain his peacefulness. Cuz people think he is weak, but the questline shows and actually justifies his peaceful approach.

Now I hope one of the dragons becomes bald and gigantic and starts wiping the afterlife in and outside wow. But that’s a story for another time.


Indeed, at the start of the expansion I was quite reserved of the blue flight.
But over time we got to know Kalecgos more as he realized what his flight was missing.
Got foggy eyes from the first story with Kalec and the Tuskarrs.
Could not hold it dry with the story of Baine.
So I knew this would be a tear drawer for me too. Even if you knew straight from the start, where it would end in, I personally think it was done wonderfully.
The camera, voice acting, and the whole setting as a total.
I really hope to see more like this (story telling) in the future.
(I know its not everyones cup of tea and see it as a drag or chore to get through to go to “the end game” … I rather enjoy the ride and let “the end game” be. It will still be there later)


I haven’t done the quest and it will likely take till LFR Sark opens until I do. So… since the general idea seems to be positive… is this another “farewell to the old days”-story, where they look at the past, acknowledge where they were wrong, and start moving in a better, more peaceful and more equitable direction?

Because that’s what I’d expect and fear, to be honest. I am very, very, very sick of the regret in general, and the regret of stories I liked in the past in particular. I don’t really care about the endgame, but sentimentality is not the vibe I like in my Warcraft.

So… will I be positively surprised, once I get there?

It’s a brand new story, where Kalec is wondering why so many blue dragons are not answering the Isles call, and you travel with him to these locations to find that each of them has their own story and reasons to be where they are now. Kalec is trying to strengthen the flight by gathering all back, but he is avoiding violence at all cost.

I cannot be sure how you would feel personally, but for me it was an adventure.

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