The bonereaper's hook still avaible to get in 2023?

Hi i have been trying to search and figure out if The bonereaper’s hook unholy artifact weapon appearance is still avaible to get in 2023. because we can’t do apocalypse anymore and i have seen some claim that the special mob only spawns from appocalypse and not from army of the dead does anyone know? sorry if wrong forum

You can use apocalypse mate, just spec unholy…? If you YouTube it you’ll find some videos on how you can ‘cheese’ it and spam the ability and what it does etc etc.

It uses Mop training grounds at the temple and is quite easy, I believe there’s a little script you can run as well to see if you’ve collected it or not!

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The book was on the floor for me yesterday after I zoned out of a BG in which I’d used Army/Apocalypse. Just need to go ICC and kill the mob after Putricide to complete the appearance so yes, it is still obtainable.


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