[The Brotherhood of Steel] [Horde]

This Guild was founded for friendly players and nice people, long ago and has maintainted its status as such ever since. The community evolved learning all the basics of the game and teaching them to new comers every patch and expansion. As of Legion we started building mythic progression raid teams.

After our success in Legion, we’re continuing our tradition and we’ve started forming the core for a new raid team, that is currently aiming to complete all the Uldir raid tier. We’re looking for dedication and cool inteligent players that know they can work together with similar other raid adventurers. I won’t lie to you, our roster is a bit gimped right now, due to the IRL schedule of half of our raiders, but we’re expecting them to return soon.

Currently we’ve been accepting pug raiders to complete our raid setup and continue our activities. Current 1 shot farm level Taloc, Mother and soon Zek’voz.

Our guild also dabbles into PvP, has had over 4 gladiators this patch and we’re pondering if we could make the time for Ratted battlegrounds also.


I’m leaving this message here for any groups of friendly players or lone wolves that might be tempted to join our brotherhood, for a certaintly unique and cool experience.


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