The Burning Crusade Classic Arena Season 1 has begun!

The Burning Crusade Classic Arena Season 1 has begun!

The Burning Crusade Classic Arena Season 1 is here, and the Circle of Blood and Ring of Trials are ready to host all contenders.

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W-wrong section? Also duplicate? 8)

Season 1 has begun but PvP healing wrist/waist/feet items are missing for platers and mail users for a week now, great job, cant wait to only use 5 pvp sets while enemy priest has full bis pvp items

Wow that was fast! I’m still in the queue for bg

Nobody cares about TBCC, fix Shadowlands.

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Can’t even flag TS for posting in the wrong section.

I gave up hope about they fixing shadowlands and went to darkside (tbcc)

All I see when skim reading is blue text and “has begun!” and I think oh finally is this 9.1 news?
Nope. TBC news. It’s cruel Blizzard. >:(

I played a little just to see how it is. It’s kind of a clown fiesta. I understand that it’s s1 and people don’t have the right amount of resilience yet but is anybody surprised? Having gear as of now is like impossible. I dont know what you did to the honor-gain system but something seems way off. You need like 100k+ to get some a somewhat acceptable amount of gear. One HK gives you like 5-8 honor. You can make the math by yourself I guess…

general section is not meant to be for classic andy posts

Will arena points and honor points reset to 0 when season 2 begins? I’ve been looking around but cant seem to find an answer to this, would much appreciate a bluepost response if possible :slight_smile:

No, it did not reset in the original TBC so it is extremely unlikely they will do a reset now.

So you can save up points during S1 for that very good S2 set.

Shadowlands? Does anyone even play that? LOL

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