The Burning Crusade Classic Beta Has Begun!

i just want to know if this means there will be no update for retail now for 3-4 months? so i can unsubscribe in the meanwhile. Please let us know. i am currently stuck under 1400 rating and can not get any better gear and i randomly lose 5-6 matches in a row to 215+ geared people in 1400 bracket. Can we please get an update on what is the plan forward?


Leveling to 60lvl is HARD in classic, if you are a casual leveling with questing/doing dungeons, but now with the boost everyone can be 60lvl.

Yeah and people who want to can skip it and those who don’t have already done it / will do it again for belves. Because guess what, not everybody wants to go through classic leveling. It’s not hard. It’s tedious.

Still don’t see how a store mount affects this

You would look at person with Ashes and be like “WoW!” because everyone is on a horse or a gryphon. It would mean something to have a different mount.

And now you can see the storemount and think whatever you want to think. It’s not pay2WIN it’s pay4convenience which is completely different. Especially in this context and it’s not even that major.

I wonder why haven’t they added 60lvl boost back then so “friends can play with each other” 'cause they weren’t disgustingly greedy as they are now.

Because it was current content back then? Because the game revolved around leveling back then more than now? They’ve had boosts since like WoD now and I’m not one bit surprised they added them to TBC. They’re even limited to 1. Can’t keep buying them to get more alts. They want people to dip their feet into TBC and obviously having to go through the absolute snoozefest of tedium that is leveling in classic would drive a major part of the potential playerbase away.


dont try to sign up for the beta test, because the test is streamer exclusive :face_vomiting:. i signed up months ago and didnt got an invitation. :face_vomiting: again


I really really like this idea, thanks
going to roll on a pvp realm just for this


No it isn’t.
It is slow & tedious, but it isn’t hard.


I want a pre patch date more than i want beta access, i want to start leveling my draenei.


If you plan to subscribe into World Of Warcraft to get a beta access, do not. They only invite streamer or friend-and-family of Blizzard. You’ll never get a beta acccess if you subscribe the game and are an average joe. This is just for information because there’s lot of people that think they can get a beta access just by subscribing.



Now lets focus on 9.1, starting by revealing some news and open PTR realms.
Its taking more then i expected to ear something about patch 9.1…


^ this tbh


Ok I understand why you want to betatest it, but it’s still a little bit amusing. :grin:
“Pay to test an old version of our game that’ll be released as it was when it originally came out anyway!”

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What we think they mean:

What they really mean:

The Burning Crusade Classic Preview has begun! Over the course of the preview, we’ll be inviting Streamers, press, fansites, and Blizzard employee’s friends and family to play the upcoming classic expansion way before anyone else. We don’t do this because we need feedback, but we want to get some good press out of it, and there is a lot of youtubers out there with plenty of followers!

I honestly don’t expect to get into the beta, because streamers, fansites, press and Blizzard employee’s family and friends have gotten dibs on the majority of past betas.

A World of Warcraft retail expansion/classic expansion beta now is a PR stunt more than anything and it’s quite obvious, when these donkeys who get into these betas don’t even bother reporting bugs. Instead they make youtube videos where they sit and complain about the issues they encountered during the betas or the content they played.


The beta testing is needed because the game is now going to be on a new type of battlnet integrated servers .

The servers will need stress testing and with starting at X.X.X patch numbers will need to be sorted .

Like classic normal players will get there chance its just the first wave and we played it before so nothing will be a surprise for you anyways .

Leveling to 60 isn’t hard, it just takes ages.

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On blizcon they shown us only painted raids on paper by pencil, i don’t expecting PTR 9.1 so soon. Mb close to may tho.

cant be any less intrested about TBC it brings noting new …

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Whats pay to win about wow? Like rly:)).

Maybe retail boost can be some
Form of
P2w indeed.

But cash shop related stuff or a boost to lev 58 has noth to do with p2w.

Please stop spamming him in all threads its advertising and agaisnt COC

Well there are few things that needs to be said.

  1. Store mount is not p2w cause it doesnt give you any adventage. What is more it will only attract more ppl to attack you.
  2. Lvl boost has postitives and negatives but overall its a “gateway drug” and storemount is just next step into dark alley with lot of possibilities that classic community (which is major part of ppl who gonna play tbc) didnt want.
  3. Its better if they send keys to streamers so more ppl can watch the game with them. Feedback from streamers is easier to notice too, for example they post a video and many ppl talk about it instead of sending them to some random person. Ppl who get angry because of it have problems with themselves most likely and they will rage/cry on obvious things like this.
  4. Posting asmon or any1s video about store mount spreads the info. Its easier to notice 1 video and tittle when scrolling than few key words in wall of text. I read it all but not every1 will and those who just scroll will for sure catch the video and maybe find out about storemount which will result in feedback about it.
  5. Hunt season will open soon so prepare to catch every1 on storemount. GL

Give me beta so i can get TL3!!!


Hype hype hype! :stuck_out_tongue: