The Burning Crusade Classic Beta Has Begun!

7/24 gold farming bots in BRD will be 7/24 gold farmer paladins in stratholme
Not so sure about The burning greed…

Its also not vanilla either tbc. Its 2021 what did you expect?Like who cares that some random dude buy some mount or get boosted to 60? People leveled in classic for almost 2 years i think they are already max lvl. I can see why you dont like it really just thing its little childish behaviour. You can still earn all of it by hardwork. You can still level from lvl1.

Imagine thinkin blizzard will not milk money from tbc in 2021

No its not hard its time consuming.

35 years old with a family and kids, started playing in WoD

No neckbeards

Ah here it is. The news drop to take the heat off how poor Shadowlands is.

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huh ? Coc ? you meen a d*** ?


alchemy/tailoring CDs

Hello Blizzard, Hudson here. So the beta is out, and it’s streamer prio, I understand. But let me tell you my story. I’ve been playing wow for over 10 years now, and playing classic since launch. My first guild OMG TRAMPOLINE (who sadly does not raid in classic anymore), have been through a lot together, been so unlucky with loot, and after all the countless times we entered MC, we never once got a binding :frowning: The hype for TBC is very much real in OMG, and we plan to get the old raiding team back together again. So please Blizzard, let me hype my guys up even further, give me the beta so I can share my gameplay experiences and stream the beta with them, to bring more of them back to the game they know and love!

Yours truely,
Hudson <3

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Why would you give only to chosen few a beta of a game that was release like what, 14 years ago or something?

Don’t care about TBC Classic, I was there the first time around.


Because this is how they did it for Classic, they released a beta, gave beta key for streamers and friends and family (translation : all privileged players).

After that, people was really annoyed, and they started to gave streamer beta access gift mixed with random invitation. So in order to got a beta access, you had to get a gift by a streamer or be very lucky. This strategy is made to hype players and make people think they can get a beta access by just subscribing, but the reality is there’s just no access for average joe. The probability to have a beta access if you are not a privileged players, is near to 0. Is it normal ? At some degree, I accept privilege, but at some point it’s just to much.

I don’t know, but from what I heard, it seem 9.1 is far from ready. And how is Shadowlands ? Is it good ? Didn’t played because of Classic and no time to play on 2 extensions at same time :/.

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Shadowlands has it’s ups and it’s downs. The Dungeons (which are the main part of Warcraft for me) were REALLY good and a great challenge! Storyline is meh, but I’m still interested to see how it’ll turn out. Some of the systems seem a bit pointless, and there are a few areas that need fixing. It’s not as good as BFA was imo.

I played Vanilla the first time around, I’ve really no desire to go back and play it again. I guess I just don’t get that nostalgic, I’d rather play new content. I suppose there are a few storylines I’d like to quest through, but other than that not interested.

Despite all the moaning, the game is far better now than it was back in 2006.


when we geting TBC wow tokens ?

They had no reason to do the classic beta like this :confused:

August?! That long?!

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It is? I think the game is in a dire state right now and I can’t see anything coming along to fix it until the next expansion. At least BFA had a reasonable infrastructure to work with. SL has 8 dungeons, 6 of which are terribad, 4 small forgettable zones, Torghast and The Maw. Haven’t tried the raid as SL has infected me with a severe case of cba.

Really looking forward to TBC, was a blast first time round I expect it to be even better on replay. If it were not for TBC and Classic I think subs would have fallen way below their lowest point. In many ways its fair to say the the Classic games have saved retail.

What if I told you streamers are also capable of testing the content just like any other player!


As I said. there are problems Shadowlands. Mostly because it’s been built around Content you have to do because you need to do it (Torghast), rather than content you WANT to do because it has something you want. Torghast would be excellent, if they gave an incentive to “want to do it because you get this”, rather than the incentive of “you need to do this to move forward”.

The SL dungeons are fantastic. Well thought out and incredibly challenging. I have enjoyed every moment of running them. They have unfortunately been nerfed a little now. But the challenge was fun whilst it lasted.

If you don’t like the SL zones you will HATE the TBC ones. Hellfire Peninsular and it’s kill 10 boars, kill 10 more boars… more boars pleases… only to get repeated in Nagrand where you get to kill Clefhoof after Clefhoof after Clefhoof. The 60-70 levelling experience in TBC was imo the worst out of all the expansions.

However, I did love the Dungeons and I raided(and even PVP’d) although throughout TBC. But once again, I’m not nostalgic enough to want to go back and play it.

The reason why the game itself is better now, is probably more personal. I played WoW back in it’s Prime Vanilla - Wotlk (dipping in during MOP and CATA). It was a great challenge back then, but its something I lived though and moved on from.

Over the years alot of things have been added to the game to make it more fun, Mounts, Transmogs… collectables. You can log in, run bit of content and collect something cool which you can use over and over again.

Sure during the Pandemic I’ve played more than I usually would. But heading back into normality, I’ll be going back to that dipping into the game and collecting the latest fun stuff and then going away again. That’s all that Retail needs to be.

same time you add level 58 boosts to TBC you can add level 60 boost to retail aswell … level 60 boosted with ilvl 200 greens :rofl:

They will be in China realms 100%, coz China already have classic tokens.

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