The circle of stars made flesh


Why do you not see, that we are their children? That all elements are against us? That we are the impurity in the old ordered cosmos? That we bear more potential than any pure element in itself? We are the hope for all who finished tasting the universe and beyond, we are their only way to not die of boredom. We twist everything into nothing and yet nothing into everything - believe in our fathers, they have witnessed the enemies of their creators beg for our help. They started to finally have faith in us, not in the old prophecy they were attuned to fulfill.


I dont know which one bothers me more. The context of the text or the fact that a Draenei Priest is saying all this.

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Fear not, we shall take her away to a better place. One embracing da Light.

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The Children of the Stars are not related. I will keep a watchful eye.

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I swear… Blizzard added some bs story. Just for lols! No forward thinking. Just dump some random story and end it.

So many questions are yet to be answered but blizzard keeps pushing their sh!t…
First, the Orcs and draenei are not from azeroth. So, they shouldn’t be affected by this old god nonsense…
Second, the original story was Sargeras aka demon King. He wanted destruction. WC3.
He made the Orcs drink demon blood to use a small fraction of his power to cause chaos to the world, likewise the bloodelfs have been infused with fell magic, to enhance their magical properties and survive without the sunwell for a small period of time and lastly, Sageras famous creation, the undead…
They are all part of Sargeras schemes to destroy worlds. Nothing more…
All this old gods bs are rubbish to the core.
That’s it. Legion was the end of this nightmare blizzard bs story…


well the undead was made my Kil´jaden not Sargeras, Kil´jaden created the lich king, whom started to make the undead, how much Sargeras even knew about it is questionable.


Agreed! It all went downhill when people readily accepted the greatest character/mastermind in the warcraft universe to just randomly drop out and replaced by a puppet. If you read the old manuals (the story in it) Ner’zhul was always there - his connection to Gul’dan allowed him to get endless knowledge and actually win wc1-wc2 BTDP. Then he gets trapped and becomes the lichking but again he smarts out the Legion, the alliance, the horde - everyone and completely dominates wc3 with him being shown having got his freedom and power and getting rid of the legion shackles at the end of TFT.
Then all of a sudden, the puppet, the most stupid character in wc3 but loved by all who are too uninterested to actually get the story becomes the lichking. Nobody even asked “what happened to Ner’zhul” and the whole thing was then much later written inside a book after the bad comment “oh… he lost the mental fight and is gone”.
Imagine, this is like Star Wars with Palpatine scheming everything and creating the empire… only that in the next episode Vader is suddenly Emperor and nobody asks “what happened to Palpatine?”…

That’s when lore become stupid as in, WotlK was the first expansion lore actually played a role “before” making the content. They told us back then, that they first think of creating content and then decide on what story would fit it - that made so much stuff in vanilla and TBC weird but somehow enjoyable with all the loose ends.

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It’s sageras power… Lol!


No he is actually correct. Death is an element, just like Chaos (fel) and was used by different species all along - especially Dreadlords (It’s already written in the War of Ancients books). The creation of the Lichking process was retconned though - originally it was Kil Jaeden who turned the Ner’zhul into the Lich King. Later they made it look like it was rather the work of dreadlords.
Also a better written post about the Ner’zhul/Arthas/Lichking catastrophe can be found here


They actually said they do whatever feels cool at the moment. And they change or straight up ignore whatever doesn’t fit. :smile:

Vader was never the emperor though? :thinking:

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I mean the face tentacles do kind of give it away…


And it is stated in Chronicles that Dreadlords served the shadow before Sargeras employed them in his Service. So it also makes sense for them to access death elements, as well as to purposely create the Lich King entity to bring about chaos (which always serves the shadow shhhhh)

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