The classism against Warriors is disgusting, and I can't blame anyone other than Blizzard

I have good logs, 482 ilvl and 3k rio.

Today I was in game for about 10 hours, and tried to do some 23-24s.

Managed to get invited to 2 dungeons, all day, only when a healer friend logged in and we queued together. The rest of my playtime, I played shadowlands campaign, not joking.

Seriously, you created a bard class for the expansion, but didn’t give anything to warriors to make them viable in groups, for multiple expansions in a row. On top of that, the dps is average, at least without the “chance to drop” legendary.

Unless you give either BL/Hero or CR to warriors, they will never be invited to pugs and be forced to play with friends, if they’re also playing wow of course.

I haven’t played this game since SL S1 until DF 10.2, the warrior was in the exact same state. I can’t believe you haven’t even made any effort to fix it. I don’t really understand why you all designers get paid for in this company.


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