The creation of Enchanting Vellums is temporarily disabled

We’ve temporarily disabled the creation of Enchanting Vellums, while we diagnose and fix a bug.

We hope to develop and deploy the fix in the next 24 hours. Until then, Enchanters can enchant items directly or use existing Enchanting scrolls, they just won’t be able to make new scrolls.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

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Awesome timing as always, I remember reading through several reports on this in the US bug report forum more than two months ago.

I don’t see any post for when they disabled Elusive Bait, or any information on when it will be useable again

Are you going punish the exploiters this time?

As an enchanter myself, I have really struggled with the enchants in question. I knew nothing about this “bug” until today.

It has really spoilt the enjoyment of what is supposed to be a fun game. It’s actually Infuriating reading about how this got left for so long! Far too many exploits go unfixed Blizzard! Do better.


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