The Dark Heart Content Update is Now Live

The Dark Heart Content Update is Now Live

Dive into Dragonflight’s final chapter leading into the upcoming expansion—The War Within™, sojourn into new questlines, Heritage Armor sets for Draenei and Trolls, six new hair colors for Kul Tiran Humans, access to all Dragonflight quests regardless of Renown for maximum-level characters, and more.

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Will there be cake and tentacles?

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Odd choice of word. I’d have gone with journey myself. But then again, I don’t work in an office where the word sojourn probably comes up more often than anywhere else.

Also, I noticed the patch is called Dark Heart and not The Dark Heart, so it doesn’t refer to the artifact so much as it’s a symbolic metaphor of a character’s personality or motivation, I guess.
That is clever.

Looks cool. Busy WoW weeks to come.

Livia, do I have to worry about your expectations? :grimacing:

Thinking about it. Both Draenei and Velves got the tentacles covered.

Just need the cake then!

excusé moia? :flushed:

I wondered where my dagger had gone… Hmm…

You better go look for it. It seems to have claimed perception.

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Should have shanked more with it! Not just flail it around like a maniac.

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Xalatath was fun with her whispers back in the day.

I hope you’ve kept the same type of stuff for it and not watered it down in light of your antics in the past few years.

I’m so glad I don’t play Troll or Draenei… Looks like the intern’s intern created their armor

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