The Dark Portal

Dear Medivh and Gul’dan and your warlocks.

I have a question regarding your creation: The Dark Portal. As you all may be aware is the portals of different sizes. The one of Azeroth is vastly smaller than the one on Draenor and made me wonder how that worked.

See I thought about two scenarios of what might happens when something or someone travels though the portal

The first is if let’s say a person walks though the portal from Azeroth to Draenor. Given the size difference would that mean that the person would become larger and thereby increase in matter and size and smaller and with less matter if they walked from Draenor to Azeroth. Would a person or object be forever able to increase in size or decrease in size if said person or object where to take a flight from one of planets to the other or be summoned by a warlock or teleported by a mage and walk into the dark portal again from the same side from which they first walked though. Example: Azeroth dark portal to Draenor, then mage portal back to Azeroth and walk though the Azeroth dark portal to Draenor and repeat it all over again.

The second is if we say the person or object is of a fixed size no matter what way they walk though the portal. The person or object would always be 1:1. Then if we take an army of orcs from the Dreanor side of the portal and make them stand of the top of each other until they fill the portals frame and walk though it. What would happen? Would only some be able to pass though or would the Azeroth portal explode in a meat shower of blood and gore from those many orcs who have been crushed together due to the frame is much smaller. Would a large pitlord or dragon just be crushed on the other side or just not be able to walk though?

Kind regards – Alyzzia -

The one on Azeroth is merely a shrine

I just like to think Medivh was way lazier and less creative compared to Gul’Dan when it came to portal gates design.

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