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Right now we are running mythic + and will be doing raids when we have the numbers and expect to continue doing this into Shadowlands, this will begin as soon as we get enough raiders. What are we expecting from you: Discord (no mic needed necessarily…hearing… yes…mic no.) Be social with the guild Have DBM installed Be on time to raids, food, flasks etc will be provided in raids.
Raid times are as follows: Friday and Sat 19:00 (server time) untill 22:00 server time. We currently need trustworthy reliable and most importantly laid back people of all races classes & genders :). If you have any questions or would like to join you can contact myself on battlenet: scott#2772

Fun chill atmosphere and above all no drama nice guild :smiley:

If Scott’s not available feel free to message me for an invite Logi#21182.

Currently recruiting all classes for raiding/SL prep still :slight_smile:

Currently looking for Dps for Ny’lotha progression :slight_smile:

Still on lookout for Dps for our main team

Currently recruiting DPS for Normal Ny’alotha, but you’re all welcome!

We’re all nice and helpful people so don’t hesitate to pm or ask questions :slight_smile:

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(for main team) Only caster dps spots open currently, Other classes will be considered.
Socials are welcome anytime.
We are anachronos/Alonsus/Kul Tiras cluster.

Open recruitment atm main team has what it needs however we accept all those with skill :slight_smile:

thedaydreamers.enjin. com/ for easy access still recruiting :slight_smile:

Still on the hunt for talented dps
https:// thedaydreamers.enjin. com/ to apply