The death knights actually have a way in lore to dash and glide

So, the other two the evoke and demon hunter can glide and dash, but not the death knight.
So, I was like is there a way for them to do so, and there is .
So, okay, the undead faction in Warcraft 3 have the gargoyle unit in their ranks. So, the death knight calls a gargoyle that lifts the death knight with its claws, but because the death knight is heavy the gargoyle can only glide the death knight, and dash two times. :grin:

That destroys the whole slow juggernaut theme. Then again, I dont feel like a slow Juggernaut these days. I just feel slow.


That doesn’t make you fast, when I think about it, because of the whole calling of the gargoyle, but then it is just a brain storming from a customer and not a developer .

I do wish we had a little more mobility but a gargoyle carrying a DK sounds a little silly IMO.

Possibly another charge of wrath walk would be good but we do have chains of ice and grip so once you catch an enemy its fairly easy to keep them pinned down.

Deaths echo for 2 stacks of deaths advance is good but its so far down the tree and away from anything I like so I only take it when playing blood.


I know it sounds silly, that is why I propose it, and to flex my lore knowledge. I never said I am a saint and not a neeeeeeerd.
But just imagine the entertainment value of a massive hunk of metal and undead flesh, slowly falling from the sky with the help of some poor gargoyle that is holding on for dear, while barely lifting the death knight. It will be very cartoony, but funny non the less.
Also, here is an idea for the death knight mobility. Blizzard can give them the paladin horse ability, but obviously the house is undead, because in lore the death knights in WoW started as discrete paladins, and their all about summoning the undead to their aid .

Pretty much this. The Tradeoff for being slow was supposed to be super Tanky. When was the last time you felt Supertanky as a Death Knight?

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No, thank you. If we want another mobility, then the Venthyr teleport would be a good option (the colour matches with blood perfectly), I can’t really imagine anything else.

Unless path of frost makes the floor slippery and we just ice skate wherever we go.


Lol. I want to see that .

I suppose when we switch to ghost form
we should glide and have immune for gravity damage


no does not fit lore would make sens u could ride hors do combat on it thet fine it lore but this gilde wtf

Wait, why does it not fit the lore? Gargoyles are a undead unit and they can lift things .

itd be nice to be able to hold the 2h sword towards an enemy and almost teleport forward in a red blood-like effect

p much like the death coil animation with a red teleport afterwards that would be sick

Ghost being able to slow fall? I never heard of that.

It’s not a juggernaut anymore, since the start of WoD.
How is the DK a juggernaut when physical damage is it’s weakness?!
It’s basically a mage.

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It is basically the design many want the DK to return to. The DK mobility skills should come in keeping you in melee range, while others should use theirs to get out of melee range

Example: Warrior heroic leaping out when they got low HP to heal up then charge in again

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