The Dragons of Nightmare Have Arrived!

Twice Ysondre on our server…like WTF? Only monkeys at Blizzard??

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And now a second Emeriss, my wife and i are refunding our subscriptions due to this parody of a content launch.

reminder: we are paying for this

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It’s unplayable. Looking forward to big events like this is impossible with this INSANE unplayable LAG.
GG, I waited and looked forward to this for a long time. Way to kill the hype with your absolute trash servers.


All bosses started spawning again…? So now we’ve had 2x lethons 2x emeriss’ … nice.

We now have had 5 dragons spawn on our server. 2x Lethon, 2x Emeriss, and 1x Ysondre.

Feralas dragon on Mirrage Raceway was about 20 min later than the others, and we got a 2nd Emeriss as well.

This is a known issue.

We had a bug on rollout that caused some locations to have no dragons. After fixing it, we decided that it was better to re-issue the command to make sure all locations got at least one dragon. The side-effect of this is: some locations will have a second dragon spawn after the first is killed, and the re-issue includes the randomization, so it could be the same dragon or it could be a different one.

For those locations, after the second dragon is killed, everything should return to the normal intended spawn behavior.


This is a known issue.



I believe you

xD hahahah what a joke

We got Taerar with 20+ Shades of herself; instead of 3. Amazing stuff.

lol what is happening

random dragons and a rivendare ? whats that copy pasta about?

and your servers are barely playable, wow.

How about you guys do your jobs and invest some more in server infrastructure, and GM teams to clean up the bots while you’re at it, you hack frauds

Blizzard, Honestly can you get anything right… Dust bin company.

guys, less QQ & more pew pew, im done QQing, time to show a big phat middle finger to this !@$!% corporation and move on. gl & hf all

Hurts me deeply. Genuine sigh of despair.

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