The freshest build is out from the forges of Skyhold!

From the creators of the metaspecs built to bring you the best performance, now comes the newest addition to the Fury Warrior spec and kit. Behold The Grams Build!

The talents:


Enjoy how this new build reshapes the very idea of Fury Warrior gameplay into a perfected way to play the game!

Curious. There an in-depth explanation on how this works? I’m mostly Prot on my Warrior, so can’t really contribute much.

Would it be viable on an M+ scenario too?

It’s clearly a troll build :joy: Just look at the general tree

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O-oh… :frowning:

Here I thought a lot more utiltiy warrior was finally plausible. I return in shame, efficiently trolled.

Standard metabuild for Fury Warrior in m+, is already bringing all the utility - so don’t worry about it. Only the echo-chamber of ‘warrior needs heroism’ and ‘warrior can not bring shockwave!’ on this forum is not with the reality of the times.

The real builds can be found on wowhead or in the pins of skyhold (written by the same guy).

So be happy again, because we already bring all the utility :dracthyr_heart:

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Trollest build ever can work for a +2 probably or LFR.

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