The gambling laws that are starting to become active will not affect RNG loot in World of Warcraft

Recently, more laws in the EU are beginning to appear to prevent unregulated gambling in video games.

These new laws are already having an effect because products like Garbage Waste 2 are starting to limit their direct gambling options, but that will not change how RNG loot in World of Warcraft works because there is no direct option made by the developers to pay real money to roll again on loot in World of Warcraft.

So, if anyone is worried or happy with what is happening, don’t be. As long as RNG loot doesn’t have a re-roll option that the developers themselves put in World of Warcraft to be done with real money, RNG loot isn’t changing.

Though if you want to pay money to other players to run you to roll on loot again, that is your problem.

I think RNG regarding loot is fun as long as there is no money involved and it feels rewarding. Though… I feel like raids don’t drop enough loot. It does feel kinda bad to end a long raid with almost no items, but I guess I can put my hopes into the vault


It is something so simple, but it amazes how many people are not capable to see the difference between gambling and randomness. In most Western countries’ regulations for gambling only apply if there is money involved. You need to have a chance of losing money or something of value to be considered gambling, which means nothing in WOW right now could be gambling. And no, your time playing WOW or any items or gold farmed in WOW is not “something of value” because, for something to have monetary value, there must be someone willing to pay you for that. Your time is money, except if no one wants to pay for your time. In that case, your time is not worth a single penny.


So it should?. In no way is loot drop chances a form of gambling.

Theres a reason why its called game addiction, and not gambling addiction when topics covered this…

Your susposed to do content you enjoy. And simply earn loot on ur way. The fact some players decide to continously farm loot in a game they proclaim to hate.

Rng loot is fine the issue is they started stackkng rng on rng with gem slots, titanforging, traits, extra stats and more.

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whats the point of this post?
its not like the european comission is going to regulate wow gold and there’s 0 ‘pay real life money to reroll for your loot’ mechanics planned.

Why would it? You don’t spend real money to kill a boss and spin the wheel to see what loot you get. You simply kill it, bam - loot. If you paid real money to spin the loot wheel on a boss, like you do with loot boxes - then yeah, it would be affected by that law.

Loot Boxes you pay real money for, with the hopes/chance of getting a specific item/skin - that’s gambling.

Sure, you could say you ‘‘pay real money to play the game’’, but that’s not the same. You pay for access to the servers.

For example, if the hotel has a slot machine, it is required of them to regulate it, but if in one of the hotel rooms one of the customers is playing, find the thing under the cup with the other customers, and you’re betting with the stuff from the minibar or minifridge. Maybe it’s their job to stop it but not regulate it.

In gaming terms, say there is a rat-like NPC that, for pieces of a ghost, will sell a chest with random goods and maybe gold. Well, if you can buy those ghost pieces by, for example, purchasing some kind of crystal with real money, turn them into gold with a method manufactured by the product manufacturers, and then being able to buy the ghost pieces with the gold turned from the crystals, it’s 100% gambling that the manufacturers need to regulate.

But say you bought a token that you can trade through an official method created by developers to another player for gold, and you use the gold to pay other players to run you through a dungeon for a random loot drop. That’s not gambling directly sponsored or created by the developers, so it isn’t their problem.

Funnily enough exactly how F2P games get around gambling laws. You pay real money to get a currency to buy another currency to buy a vendor where you can trade another currency that lets you buy a box with RNG loot.

Intent matters and in WoWs case you’re not buying gold to roll a dice, you can but that isn’t the intended use for the gold you buy.

that Gambling law is the most Hypocritic law Ever made, the Lottory is a prime example how that isnt identified as gambling what is it then?

RNG is part of this kind of game. Not just video games, but table top games aswell. To take it away would take away the foundations that the game was built on.

If you play the game the way it was designed, that is to progress through content, defeat challenge and earn rewards over time, then there is absolutely nothing gambling about that. You’re playing the game the way it was designed.

If you play the game, by going back and clearing old content and collecting Appearances and Mounts that have a Low Drop rate, then the only thing you’re really gambling is you time, and that is only because you’re playing the game in a way it wasn’t designed to be played.

Why are you comparing rolling for gear against slot machines that you explicitly pay money for.

Its not comparible. Tokens neither are comparible for that :stuck_out_tongue:

Not comparing it to .

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