The Game Director doesn't even play WoW?

It’s the same for people that buy mounts for 10 M gold off the BMAH.
You get angry at those as well? Those players should have “been there” instead of skipping the content right?

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By you. And on the other hand viewed as positive by guilds that can cover their expenses that way. Or players using the gold for more expensive cosmetics etc etc etc.

Its as old as this game. But it all boils down to special snowflake syndrome from what i can see here.

“Deserve” is a weird one anyway, how on earth do you determine what one “deserves” given most of the loot in this game is awarded on a dice roll lol.

Like, you can do more content than someone else and get less loot. Deserts pretty much flies out the window when you consider this.

As said in other thread, this is trade. ALl trade is basically shortcutting effort using money. I want a car? I buy one. It sure beats having to learn to build one from scratch you know? Does me not being willing to learn to do this mean I don’t “deserve” a car?

Deserve doesn’t even come into it.

I mean, people will always find reasons to be jealous of others:

“I deserved that loot but they awarded it to X,Y,Z despite me being better only cause they are friends with the Officers”

" I got left out of the raid cause they wanted to bring that other trash player instead of me i deserved that spot more"

And so on…
So really not surprising that there are people out there that are jealous and feel invalidated because someone else is getting boosted.
After all it is always easier to put the blame on others/find excuses that actually work for something you want.

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Why does it matter if she plays the game or not ? She is the co-leader of Blizzard not WoW.

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Even when he was apparently logging in… people said he was only a raid logger. On top of that their area of expertise is reportedly only thinking up raid encounters.

I don’t understand why they got so high up.

True but I’m also highly dismayed by how quickly this community turned their backs on J. Allen Brack when it was expedient to do so, after all he did for them over the years. It shows zero gratefulness on their part. I can’t imagine the level of abandonment he must feel, and I think it’s time for the community to do their part to turn this situation around.


You think you do, but you don’t.

The companies i’ve encountered which wanted you to think of your colleagues as family and perpetuated said family culture by various means were from my experience… companies which want to look good to outsiders, but also make their employees work harder and for more hours than they should contractually. It’s all fake family care, behind it is the usual cold business mentality.

When it came to cutting people off, they’d do it in a heartbeat, no remorse. Relative that died? Not our problem, take another day off and you’re gone. Want to keep your current role? Too bad, you either take this role we want you in or you’re gone.

They did that last thing to a female colleague of mine and put her into a new contract. When they stopped dealing with the 3rd party company that new role was associated for - they cut her loose and never even offered her another role in the company.

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You can not be serious ? right that has to be a troll .

" A top Activision Blizzard executive accused of enabling sexual misconduct is leaving the company amid employee protests.

J. Allen Brack — who heads the Blizzard division that’s responsible for “World of Warcraft” and “Overwatch” — is leaving the company immediately to “pursue new opportunities,” Activision Blizzard said Tuesday.

Brack was singled out by name in a lawsuit that the state of California filed against Blizzard last month, accusing the company of fostering a “frat bro” culture full of sexual harassment, rape jokes and groping that even drove one female employee to suicide.

Brack, who had been at Blizzard for 15 years, was aware of sexual misconduct and even helped enable it, according to the California suit."

While sexual harassment should always be opposed especially in the workplace, I feel that many of the allegations in the lawsuit simply refer to “locker room talk” between guys goofing around with each other and making inappropriate jokes. I’m good at reading people, and J. Allen Brack comes across to me as a noble man who would take action if he saw anyone being threatened. I have not seen any allegations that J. Allen Brack himself was harassing or groping anyone. Keep in mind that J. Allen Brack is a married man.

In an open letter to the Star Wars Galaxies community in 2004, Brack stated that he would soon be “getting married in a Star Wars themed wedding”.

I would suggest you read on what some of the victims have said about the abuse they themselves received.

I would hope then you would be equally good at ‘reading the room’. I don’t think your post is appropriate.


Iunno. He seems like a very insightful and wise man. Should probably apply for the job as head of HR at Blizzard :thinking:


What does that have to do with anything ?

Same question as above being married means nothing .

I repeat this from earlier

This is so wrong of you

it should not happen in the first place …


I love how you upvote the OP using your own alts to do it shows the type of person you are .

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well thats cringe

Even he doesn’t want to play this.

It’s concerning Mike is openly doing paid boost runs in the current raid with his guild.

Jen’s background is about meeting deadlines and bringing a product to market that actually meets expectations and a bit beyond.

I wouldn’t be surprised if she has been the driving force behind pulling the ripcord and bringing in the streamlined content which should have been in at 9.0

I spent around 30 years working in the catering industry in one form or another and can categorically state that your perception here is 100% wrong.

All decent chefs sample their own food as it is the only way to be sure that the food you are putting out is of the required standard.


Think you may be a tad confused here - Ion is the main dev yes, but he does not promote boosting - in fact he hasnt even played for a few weeks now. I think you are referring to Mike Ybarra who is the co-leader along with Jen whatshername - boosting is a rather contentious subject indeed, but if he’s doing it for free or in-game gold then there nowt Blizz can or will do about it.

Edit - sorry if i tagged you in this post, Kretias - no offence intended

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