The game is not new player friendly

Coming from GW2 and ESO, this game feels too empty, for a new player it’s really hard to get into, trying to join a guild to see recruitments are all about raider (and other stuff I don’t understand) and also so many alts guilds, I ask in chat and no one answers, trying to do the traveller’s log for the new coins but most of the tasks are not even possible for me, been playing for a 2 months, trying different classes and races.

Given the game reputation perhaps I was expecting much of it. I spend more time than I want to in game and accomplish very little.

What is it that you do as a veteran, just raids and pvp? What about other events if any?

From what I’ve gathered the game now is all about dragonflight, as if activities before the expansion does not matter any more.

How soon would I be joining that part of the game? Any tips would be very appreciated, because I don’t think reaching level cap is, from the looks of it I need to do too many things before I can reach there.

Also would appreciate any tips in getting the traveller’s log done, am half way through, was counting on the Ungoro events to continue but there are no one around in the map and I’ve waited at different times of the day, unless this is also an end game activity…

Thanks in advance.

I’ll be honest, I think you may have chosen the wrong realm, you should really choose one of the full or high population realms.

Horde is Draenor and Alliance is Silvermoon.

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I see, can we mail stuff between character on different realms? any how I will take your recommendation and play a character on each and see. Thanks

I’m guessing you’re talking about the event system? That’s… Kind of an endgame system, you see it at the end of the past 4-ish expansions in the form of world quests as well as bonus objectives.

Could you maybe describe your experience? Are there things that the game never explained? Things that felt unintuitive? Anything that a random person(aka me and whoever reads the post) on the forums may help with?

Yeahhhh, that happens when you design a game around endgame almost exclusively.

Any idea if you’ve used the newcomer chat? In my experience when people write there if not me there was always someone else to respond.

Mhm, you can totally reach the last level but there’s no way you’d know that when the game doesn’t tell you. But anyway the best you can do is reach cap - you’ll have access to so much more, as well as the most up-to-date experience. This game does not require you to run through the expansions like Guild Wars would. (not that I’m experienced there, I’ve played up to lvl 30 ish, but that’s what I’ve heard)

Soo, yeah. Again, it’s all endgame and the moment you reach cap it gets better - reaching max level does not require too much time either. Your average player will likely reach 60 in 10 hours, let’s say you’d need 15-20,then you’ll reach the current expansion and the last 10 levels

You have many activities. World content in the form of world quests(like events but every 3 days you have a reset of said world quests, you have world events, they seem to be interested in having them up at specific times though, so that can be missable.

You have mythic + dungeons, i believe guild wars had fractals? It should be somewhat similar? The idea is, you have a dungeon with infinite scaling in the form of key levels(+2-20 is reasonable and beyond that it’s for the higher end of players and those pushing for scores and such),you have more dungeon difficulties but they’ll get boring without the challenge that mythic + would provide.
Important to note is that mythic + is a timed challenge.

You have raiding with 4 difficulties, the first being trivial and the last being for coordinated groups requiring many many wipes and a lot of time investment overall. As someone who used to do that, it’s quite fun!

You have the never-ending cosmetic, achievement, you know, all that stuff. Every MMO ever has it.

You have many types of PvP content: 2v2, 3v3 death matches, solo version of the 3v3 with the team members rotating and the round ends when one person dies,
10v10 and so i don’t lie to you, bigger teams as well, all having different modes, be it your payload, flag matches, it’s more fun to experience than explain.
You have pvp in the open world that is opt-in, it’s not incredibly active and people would rather ignore or even help each other as there is a bonus just for being enlisted. (I’m guilty of this, i will not attack anyone unless i absolutely have to :’))That version also has world quests and some small things like drops marked on the map, people being marked after murdering alot of folk, it can be fun.

There’s more and i honestly simplified lots.

And here comes a rotten part. Yes, you are correct. The game wastes basically all the content that is no longer considered current. Gear earned no longer matters beyond looks, things do not scale with you and neither do you scale down (why D:), so enemies pose no challenge outside of maybe trying to do raids in small groups when they’re still recent. That can be fun still though.
There’s a timewalking event sometimes that helps a little but it’s not enough.

Specifically the un’goro part has a date as it’s an event that happens for one day i believe. The date shows when you mouseover the activity.
Anyway, you can do quests, dungeons, raids(!!! Important to note that raids are soloable at 6 or so levels above theirs as you have a “legacy scaling” buff that increases your damage while decreasing damage taken against enemies at lower levels. Since you’re 40 that means that anything below 34 is fair game. Obviously there might be some exceptions and/or just difficult encounters you’ll have to figure out or ask about.) I don’t remember what the other options were but you can totally do it. Look around!

I mentioned it above but leveling is really fast. Focus on quests, maybe queue random dungeons if that’s your thing.
And when you reach level 60 you may go to the dragon isles, start the new main story and complete it to unlock almost everything that a max leveled player will need.

There are MANY more realms, when you choose you may sort by population. Say, tarren mill, dentarg, argent dawn, twisting nether, etc.

That’s only for “account-bound” items. Say, for example your gear you have equipped currently is soulbound, mouseover and you’ll see it. It should be at the top left of your item description.

I know this is a behemoth of a post but i wanted to try and help and be as detailed as I can be. Please ask if there’s anything more or something you may have failed to understand.

(Oh and I forgot, servers do not matter too much. You may join guilds from the same server, trade with people from the same server and majority of your auction house is from your server. Everything else is available cross-server and most things cross-faction as well ^^)


I never ever mind a long helpful post :slight_smile:

For some reason I cant access new player chat anymore, not sure why.

Thanks for effort adding all the info, I will stick to my realm then to level up to 60 and start dragonflight story, while dungeoning. I am slow in leveling tbh, I enjoy a good story, read everything and pay attention to details while traveling the world :laughing:, am particularly loving Alliance BFA story.

Perhaps i’ll miss this month traveler log bonus item, but it’s okay, will focus on reaching max level first.

And yea in GW2 we need the expansion to gain more levels beyond 80 (AKA mastery), and you need to farm mastery points to apply them to a full experience bar, I still have to work through last expansion actually.

Am really into anything cosmetic, outfits, skins, I even created initially a class for each gear type for that purpose only :sweat_smile:, its was a bit of disappointment for me to know that I need to reapply the skin over when I change gear since it cost gold also and no outfit slot, am just hiding pieces for now :smiling_face:

Thanks again everyone.

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Time played, level reached or manually disabling it somehow.

Saaame, I loved it. Enjoy :heart:

Anyway, if you have questions/anything to say click on reply so I’ll get notified ^^

Its a new system for all of us but apparently these items won’t go away even if we miss them.

So this and ff are the games for you. As they say, mogs are the endgame. And they aren’t joking


You. Are. Doomed. :rofl:

For exmple, here are 500 sets for your Paladin,

and that’s just to start you off before you begin playing mix’n’match with individual pieces.


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