The game is subconsciously pushing to reroll fire

I started wow with a frost mage (Vanilla to WoltK) then played many expansions as a fire mage. Now I am playing arcane and I enjoy it (I don’t like the fact that fire mage lost all kind of descent slow over the last expansions- the double charge 70% slow was top).
I am ok with my current dps and mobility as arcane even tough I cant one shot ppl like ret, boomy, firemages can do it. I cant find people for arena or mythic at least not very easily but it is also fine.
So I was thinking I will keep this way for a while. Except I just realized that I recently started to unlock Dark Iron Dwarf as a potential template for a fire switch. Also, I started to rethink my binds for a fire rotation. But all this is semi-subconscious, I am still playing and enjoying arcane. I am afraid I will eventually switch to fire just when we will get the well deserved combustion nerf.

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What exactly is well deserved, when its the only part of fire mage that does actual damage?

Outside combustion, fire is absolutely horrible for any sort of damage compared to just about every other class.

the burst during combustion is super abused, the fact that you have impression that outside combustion you do 0 damages speaks by itself. The problem is pvp related. You global people in less than a gcd meaning there is no defence. Often I have no time to push on iceblock when firemage is killing me 100% - 0%. As you see they already start to nerf combust in pvp but it should go further. It is is obvious that combustion will be nerfed, you are biased. You are defending a type of mechanism that when pushed to the extreme give you something like : you can do damages only one sec per min for 300K. This is obviously wrong

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Abused? Are you high? Its the entire point of combustion, to put out burst damage.

No the fact you chose a back handed insult instead of posting with your fire mage speaks by itself.

You clearly don’t play fire mage or have the first clue how fire mage works, it is not possible to global people without a lot of pre setup casts and the other player must literally be a moron with no line of sight to duck behind and zero interrupts.

/sigh, you dont know how to mage v mage and yet somehow its the other mages fault and they are op… riiiighhht

Nope they are nerfing conduit + dmg, learn 2 read patch notes.

300k? ROFL thanks for proving you have no clue what your talking about.

It is fun to see that you have no arguments here except say oh that burst can not be abused because it is a burst. Ok gg buddy

same here, no arguments

you are biased as I said, if you think that it is very difficult to setup a oneshooting as a firemage so you are a bad firemage.

not the other mage fault just the fire spec, also who speak about mage v mage duel, It is for 2v2, 3v3 arena environment

conduit that is specific to combustion leading to 8-10% nerf is exactly what I said, they start to nerf combustion

I think you did not even get the point here it was just a hypothetical example of a mechanism that is pushed to the extreme not the actual combustion mechanism, relax a bit man you are so nervous. Not my fault the fire nerf. btw
speaking numbers how much do you think is your overal damage for 1 min ? just to see if the example I gave you is correct

Major problem inside Blizzard seems to be that while their staff is over 9000 now for real the Class Design and combat team is probably less than 10 individuals. Its not clearly enough. Game has sucked in that department since MoP ended.

Fire best spec absolutly for EVERYTHING in this game, and it is not spec wise, Fire mage is best “class” for everything over all others in WoW (give them taunt and Holy Light - and the devs will make Fire mage best Healer and Tank in the game :)), maybe WFR was not realy favored fire mages, but that it :). MDI - not a single pull without Fire mage, literaly 100% participation (even Vengeance DH and Disc priest was substituted once in 100 maps, but not Fire mage), PVP - 90% of teams with Fire mages.

Would not mind Tanking in Blazing Barrier and healing myself by sacrificing Hot Streaks with Cauterize. Atleast it would be something fresh and new. Obviously our damage is way too high and easy right now. It was like that since Beta and nothing was done about it.

Well you can survive fire mage burst in arena as well, if your partner peels for you. If he can kill you before you use block then either try to bind it to a button, or get some versa.

That’s pretty stupid statement, literally 99% of the speculation videos reported that frost will be top tier in the first season and fire will be far behind even arcane.

iceblock is on gcd, fire mage can do 4 damage spells in one gcd, in addition you may be also hit by meteor

How can you do 4 damage spells in one gcd?

fireball fire blast fire blast pyroblast
fire blast fire blast pyroblast fire blast

That’s a lot more than 1 gcd. Also pyro got travel time.

Also this is like 15k dmg. You got 35k hp, hardly an 1 shot.

GCD is 1.5 seconds, i see 1.11 seconds on the first combo i tried

ok who asked? you are just twisting his words now

The point is the burst is the whole point of a fire mage. Outside the burst we do really really crap damage that is easy to heal through.

Your not making much sense with that statement, post on your fire mage if your going to trash talk the spec.

Rofl, of course your not biased in any way.

By all means post vids of your fire mage doing this consistently then.

/cast Ice Block
/cancelaura Ice Block

Use that and you should have no issues getting into iceblock before getting nuked.

If you don’t know when to use Iceblock that’s mostly on you, not the other mage.

Conduits, which are borrowed power in the first place, not a nerf to the base combustion, which most anti fire twerps seem to think is justified without actually playing the spec.

No lets be real here, you and others like you, tend to over exaggerate things in these posts:

“oh the fire mage instantly killed me with no chance to do anything”

“oh the fire mage did 300k”

Seriously, give any class the option to wail on you and take no reactionary actions and of course they are going to destroy you.

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Have you try to kill someone trough heal with only sustained damage as arcane frost ??? Thanks for showing that you only play fire mage and have no idea how other specs perform. As arcane, even with burst I CANT KILL TROUGH ACTIVE HEAL (again you are so used to play this nobrain easy fireburst that you think is normal).

do you have a mental issue ? How stopcasting will remove a gcd recharge after most spell that are instant like nova, ward, arcane barage, orb etc. or even channeled like missiles ???

nice try
you put together two things I said that are not related, trying to deform the sense, total troll

here is the 300k 1MIN OVERALL DAMAGE example that is purely hypothetical and not exists, it was clear enough for normal ppl
The idea is to show that having an incredibly high burst in one sec and 0 damages for 59 sec is wrong , this example is not the real combustion of course but a hypothetical extreme

Its really funny seeing you devolve into nothing but insults and trolling when you clearly have nothing valid to say.

Well reported for trolling, hope you enjoy your ban.

My points stand, get over yourself and your inferiority complex.

man you are a castsequence user haha much skill

actually you should not use castsequence macro as this macro is broken since legion, randomly it will not reset at all, do some research if you are unable to figure out the bug by your self

here is another post when the same guy troll everyone but see trolls everywhere

Its honestly very cute how you got so mad that you literally tried reading all my other thread / responses and are continuing to troll when you realise you have nothing valid to add to your own argument.