The game wasn't the same after WoD

WoD was a below average expansion due to a severe lack of content, but at least it didn’t introduce major annoyances.

Legion massively dumbed down class design, removing any depth and complexity, simplifying or removing resource management and utility.
Legion introduced timegated storylines, even going so far as to lock your progression behind the mission table.
Legion introduced borrowed power systems.
Legion introduced the AP grind.
Legion started the trend of extreme alt unfriendliness.

I wish Legion didn’t happen. It broke the game on a fundamental level and I hate everything about it.
It’s the worst expansion. Everything that you hate about BFA was introduced in Legion.


I just miss the old times… before the “GoGoGo” mentality and such.

When i was “Satisfied” with doing dragon soul LFR and my tol barad dailies.

Now every thing has to be optimised and “Time efficiant”


Agree, the modern version of wow sucks.

I could only last two months i each expansion from legion to sl.

Somehow legion,bfa and sl makes me apathetic.


Legion is basically wow 2.0
Until SL , i enjoyed it somehow.

I missed half of wod as I quit in cata and all I did was rbgs and Ashran in it when I did come back.

Legion however, made my addiction for WoW come back, what a fantastic expansion it was.


Yeah I have to say I agree with Erney, I play since TBC, and skipped most of MoP, Legion got me back into the game properly, or at least more full time, and that carried over into BfA.

I do understand your point though at least some of it, even if it does go to prove the "you can tell when someone started playing from their choice of big-bad expansion ". Sadly, some things could have co-existed without too much hassle. Now the things that got me playing again are getting watered down or changed and those other annoyances are being increased. So the worst of both worlds.

Anything is more enjoyable than SL


This is true.

What is also true though, is that people don’t want to spend that much time on something anymore like in the old days. Now everything has to be fast paced, immediate in some cases.

I like how the game is now, I wouldn’t feel ok with having to drop the keys to open dungeons. Like never.


And MoP introduced time limited casual mogs and legendaries.
For me personally that was a turning point in WoW.

A changing WoW in response to the sub decline


They had a great opportunity in this expansion to get rid of those stupid and outdated systems that no one likes anymore and it is questionable if anyone has ever loved those systems. But lo and behold, they decided to continue that horrible tradition.


WoD also didn’t wipe out multiple major threats in patches…

Though the warlords did drop like flies.


That’s very true. Although I liked artifact weapon system and didn’t mind grinding ap it got boring after 6 years of borrowed power nonsense.


Legion was balanced and it was made (at least partially) by people who know how to make games for everyone. Though it was also the time The Ancient Evil became active and planted its seeds of corruption.
They had to invent new formula anyway.

Yeah I think they intended to keep them longer and have Grom be the end boss, but they thought “heh, too many orcs” and did a complete 180 when it was already too late, leaving us with a really subpar storyline and underused characters such as Kargath.

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And gorgrond was supposed to have rails running across it…

I think it’s the same with MoP. The game never recovered from the damage that MoP caused.

Finally a topic containing some actual truth from a guy who actually played the expansions he mentions! I am not sarcastic in the slightest, and could not agree more with you, op! The game is a shell of what it used to be, since the WoD-prune and dumbing down! :raccoon:

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What part of MOP did you hate? it was pretty good.

WoD did prune a bit, but mostly disarm effects and not much else.
Legion took away stances, resource systems, and changed unique and interesting spells (stacks of Tigereye brew and Mana tea to consume later) into boring flat % increase cooldowns (Sernity, revamped Mana tea).

WoD’s pruning pales in comparison to what happened in Legion.

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Its 2.0 from WOTLK not Legion.