The gear gap is solved now

1400 which anyone can easily get gives 246 gear now. 1600 gives 249 and 1800 gives 252. The gear gap is pretty much solved.


Imagine being a newbie and getting slammed by glad alts at 1000 with 60k+

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It will be solved when they come back to WoD system. But nobodys care now, cuz nobody playing this game.


My guild is on its bare bones now, last real pvp player in it quit yesterday, other casual pvp mates havnt been on for 14 days and more, when they lived in wow, only real option for me would be to either start afresh and join another guild, which im reluctant to do. I have cancelled my sub which ran for 3 or 4 years so I could put some input to why I cancelled, think they have had enough chances to change things, probably do one month sub during Christmas, It seems obvious to me looking how their company has earned their money despite losing 20m paying customers since 2017, half the paying subs across games, seems they want us to buy tokens to pay for boosts, and pay for upgrades.

They have admited to their mistakes, yet keep making the same promises and falling short, they seem worried this time, lol they will listen to the player base this time, they have learned from their mistakes, how many chances to they want.

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It won’t change. Most of PvP communities are pretty dead, they had 1000 ppls in it and only 15-30 ppls online in peak. Same with discord channels. One big Russian PvP community had something like 2000-3000 ppls online peak on weekends 8 month-1 year ago and now max 300 ppls. And mostly offering “coaching.”
Same with people that i know who focused PvP mostly - they just not login into the game.


yes its true , most people are not playing game anymore , from bfa only 23 people playing on my flist.

Yes, if you have 20-30k HP, you 99% meet 60+k HP players - problem solved… for those gearead.


From the perspective of fairness it is still bad because people that are better than you according to elo, since they have higher rating, have still advantage in gear, even if it’s “just 4/7/10” ilevels. It’s a competitive ffs, and 90% of people that are below duellist are not playing at 100%. On top of that, the game is balanced (lol, why am I even using that word) with max gear in mind, which means that at lower gear, certain specs might be way weaker than just by 4 itemlevels. For example in burst meta, it depends on your ability to survive the burst. 4 itemlevels may be enough to be able to survive the go during stunlock which already impacts the game.

That aside, there is still the pointless honor grind that you need to upgrade the gear. We just got more honor ranks that make it even more annoying.
There are still overpriced legendaries because blizzard needs to sell wow tokens, and there are exactly 0 pvp activities that give you enough gold to afford them.

If blizzard is separating PvP and PvE by changing how abilties scale and work in PvP they should also do something with gearing.


Problem will be solved by adopting 2 methods:

  1. Arena gear should be similar to WoD system
  2. Upscaling (for low ilvl players) and downscaling (for high ilvl players) all players’ gear to a certain ilvl on BGs, Skirmishes and Brawls.

and then playing for which rewards ? Only cosmetics? Hum let me think about it… Done: nope, ty

I don’t understand you.

What rewards do you get now from playing BGs, Skirmishes and Brawls?

The answer is currency: Honor and small amount of Conquest. So, in fact, you receive no rewards.

And nothing would be changed in my example. My point is that all players in BGs, Skirmishes and Brawls would be of the same ilvl, that’s all.

What rewards do you get now from playing Arenas and Rated BGs?

The answer is: New gear (which you can upgrade farming insane amount of honor). When you push your rating to a high level you will get the gladiator mount, visual enchant and new weapon skin.

In my example I suggest Blizzard to use the method of gearing when the set of Unchained Gladiator has the same ilvl as items dropped in the heroic version of first 8 bosses of SoD - 239 ilvl. While in Arena, Rated BGs and open world (with War Mode enabled) it will become the same ilvl as mythic version of first 8 bosses of SoD - 252 ilvl.

You will still recieve all revards when you reach high rating - gladiator mount, visual enchant and new weapon skin.

So, tell me please what else do you need? What kind of revards?

My example will let people try different classes and specs ('cause there is no reason to constantly upgrade gear) and new players won’t suffer so hard when they meet Gladiators in BGs, Skirmishes and Brawls.

If the only reward for you is the gear then you should do some pve. It’s 2022 baby, noone plays competitive games where progress has an impact over skill


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