The Great Push is Expanding for Shadowlands Season 4!

The Great Push is Expanding for Shadowlands Season 4!

The Great Push is back, and it’s bigger than ever. Don’t delay, The Great Push Shadowlands Season 4 sign-ups open today!

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Are we going to have The Great Explore at any point? Where we watch people explore Azeroth?


I think blizz is more into focus on that 0,1% instead of people that likes open world exploring.

It’s still such an unfortunate name you’ve chosen for this :joy:

Any chance you’re ever going to add some draft options for teams when they compete against eachother? Ban a class/spec, dungeon or something to make it a little more interesting.

Trying to make the 0.1% into 0.2%.

I’d honestly watch that.

The suggestion needs a lot of work.

But these “Great Push”, “MDI”, “Arena” events are not only boring, they don’t really represent what World of Warcraft is really about.

They need to come up with something that is more like WoW.

It could be quite good fun watching a one-off of the “World of Warcraft Legendary Treasure Hunt!” Teams pitted against each other to find the missing ‘thingy-me-bob’ hidden somewhere across Azeroth. Players will be required to answer questions on Warcraft lore to gain clues for the next step closer to discovering the treasure! With bonus questions for cash prizes! The winners take home shiny golden statues of the lost treasure!

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Yeh like a great egg hunt. Thats kind of what I was thinking.

And Blizz could scale up some random quests lines (and old school quest mobs) as part of the Egg hunt.


contestants eat only bread and water for a week prior to the start so it becomes The Greatest Push

I’d rather pull my nose hair

I’m not interested in this stuff that’s catered to the minority of the playerbase, this is a hard pass from me.

Given how unbalanced this game is, I’m sorry to inform you that I don’t really care about this.

In fact, since I’ve got 3k rio, with great difficulty as feral, mostly in pugs, I pretty much lost all interest. But we’ll see what’s going on tomorrow after the reset. Maybe the motivation will be back. But it’s very unlikely, since you decided to cater to warlocks and SV who were already way too powerful, whereas there were so many other specs who were struggling to even get in lower high level keys (I’m talking about +20 basically).

Have a nice day, though.

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