The Great Push Season 2 is Coming!

The Great Push Season 2 is Coming!

We’re thrilled to announce details for the second competitive dungeon one-off tournament of the year, as The Great Push returns for Season 2, December 10-12!

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I guess we will see 9.1.5 in december then. :confused:

assuming the reason they used suramar as the background is because of legion m+

Yes, mage tower is not ready. Not all thing turned into fruits. Need to wait.


My 9.1.5 release Prediction now says sometime in November from WoW’s 17 Anniversary Event is Under the way.

They’ll release the patch at some point during that time to combine the XP Boost thing that is execlusive to that Event with New Custominzations from 9.1.5.

Legion M+ Timewalking will begin the same week they do this S2 Great Push. It makes perfect sense.

who cares


People that might know this is gonna impact 9.1.5 release. Which i am sure is you as well.

Just eat some tacos, the push will be a lot easier.


Wouldn’t surprise me if they release 9.1.5 on Dec 1st/8th to fit legion dungeons in the push rotation on the 10th-12th.


anyone stopped investing into blizzard half a year ago

is this some last youtube-€/£ for hazzikostas?

December for 9.1.5 that means we are getting 9.2 in mid or late 2022… Idk how many 6 month sub mounts you will release now to keep the sub numbers up this time… And also i don’t think covid screwed us excuse can save you this time cuz we can clearly see you are wasting your workpower on useless stuff no one wants. 9.2 better be a masterpiece cuz atm for many 9.2 will be your last shot to redeem yourself not 10.0… Make it worth waiting , do not release another 9.1


This would be MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH too late.
It already IS late. They need to release NOW!


Great push for 9.1.5 while you’re at it. I’ll put the kettle on for you ol’ chums :tea:

The madlads did it :joy:

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