The Guild Index

The Guild index

This is an endeavour by me to make a list with as many active guilds that can be found on the Hydraxian Waterlords (RP) realm.

The guilds will be ranked alphabetically. A list with links to their respective letter can be found below.

For guilds wishing to get listed, please provide the following information, posted with a character from the guild.
(I will not be searching the forums or ingame for guilds to add. If you wish to be added, you must post the info below.)

Guild name:
Horde or Alliance: [H] / [A]
Type of guild: RP, PvP, PvE, Raid, RPPvE, RPPvP, social, other? Feel free to add light rp, heavy rp, etc. Whatever fits your guild, but keep it short.
Website and/or forum thread:
Ingame contacts: Guild leader [G], Officers [O]
Introduction: [max 250 - 300 characters]

Please help me and let me know if a guild leadership changes, or a guild has gone inactive / disbanded. If you come across a guild that is gone, give me a heads up?
Simply post a comment to do so and I will edit the list accordingly.

If you wish to edit the info of a listed guild (different intro, different leadership etc) please post the entire template as you’d like it published (so not just the bit you want changed).

Inactive / disbanded guilds will be listed as such for one month. If that status isn’t disputed within that time I will remove them from the list.

A guild can always be re-added by simply commenting the above information again.

While I was setting this up I got thrown more and more curveballs by the anti-spam measures on the Blizz forums. I understand them, but right now they’re making me wonder if this isn’t a wasted effort where I’ll down the road be confronted with an entirely thread-and-purpose-breaking restriction (such as a maximum allowed number of edits to a post).
I’ll try and make it work for now, but I might have to start thinking of alternatives.
The biggest limitation at the moment with the posts made with Litheen, Naradia and Jessamin is that I currently cannot make more than 2 clickable (blizzard forum) links in a post with them. I’m working on posting here and there with them as to let them gain more forum rights (hence they’ll be around posting to guild threads when they have been added to the list. A mutual service of a little bump and my characters earning their forum rights :wink: )

I am making and maintaining this list in my own spare time. Please keep that in mind. I’ll try to update regularly, but sometimes it’ll be a while.

This list in due time will be posted in the second post. But Litheen doesn’t have enough forum rights for posting more than 2 links.


Here the list with all the links to their respective letters will be posted.
That is, once this character isn’t seen as a ‘new’ character anymore because right now I’m limited to 2 links a post.


No guilds yet


Casual Adventures
[A]- Social, light RP, PvE
A guild for Casual Adventures
Ingame contacts: Disa [G], Carale [O]
Intro: What we are aiming for with Casual Adventures:
-Relaxed, welcoming and friendly environment
-Focus on adventuring, dungeons and questing
-RP-friendly attitude
What we are not:
-Aiming for rapid expansion, growing the guild for the sake of numbers
-Competitive, aiming for “server-firsts” or pressuring members to reach level 60 or play “the perfect spec”

Dwarven legion
[A] - RP, PVE, PvP, social. Weekly RP event wednesday
Ingame contacts: Blundergruff (Thane) [G], Thorgrimm and Lighto (Ironguard) [O]
Intro: Dwarven Legion, the most powerful dwarven army of all time. This will be a moment for the history books because the Dwarven Legion will send ripples throughout the world and exchange our wretched present for a beautiful future…
’'You can kill a dwarf, but you cannot beat a dwarf"



Echo Isles Offshore Bank:
[H]- Light RP, excuse to wear a fancy tabard.
Website and/or forum thread: Sorry, we’re far too busy for that. Work, work!
Ingame contacts: Any member can invite once they’ve been promoted to Employee by the guild leader when she’s on, so just look for someone online to join
Intro: Are you a hard working financier, treasurer, or inventory management professional? If so, <Echo Isles Offshore Bank> is the place for you!
Guild for bank alts.

[H] - Allround casual RP/PvE and PvP
Ingame contacts: Ashmane, Atlas, Zyra
Intro: Casual guild providing an allround experience of classic in a friendly enviroment. We provide a community which spans from classic to retail and even some other games. Our aim is to relax and have fun, and thus our aim is not to rush the game but enjoy it in it’s time, whilst still giving the framework for those who wish to go ahead.


{INACTIVE} Forest of Elwynn
[A] Casual/Light RP Guild
[A-RP] Forest of Elwynn!
Ingame contacts: Goldshire
Intro: Forest of Elwynn is a semi Villager-Roleplaying community based largely in Goldshire, with the goal of teaching newer roleplayers our beloved trade.

Frostwolf Legion
[H] - Heavy RP, RP-PvP, PvE.
Info Document:
Forum thread
Ingame contacts: [G] Behemoth, [O] Arinnaya
Intro: The Frostwolf Legion is a subsidiary of the Frostwolf Clan formed of all races. A warband at heart, the Legion strives to defend not only the clan’s home of Alterac but the Horde’s interests abroad.

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No guilds yet


Kong Stonks
[A] - PvE, Social
Ingame contacts: Rendvant [G], [O] : Tiropitaki, Venetia, Petran, Salustros, or any guild member
Intro: Social guild made from a bunch of friends that play DnD together and share a keen appreciation for memes. We are striving to raise the Stonks _-^



Lordamere Rangers
[A] - RP, RPPvP
Forum Thread
Player’s Guide:
Part of the Survivors of Lordaeron Group:
Ingame contacts: [G] Halder
Intro The Lordamere Rangers is a guild of rangers in Lordaeron, consisting of wayfaring bowmen who have pledged themselves to help protect and range for the town of Southshore.



No guilds yet


No guilds yet




Silverbrand Cohort
[A] - heavy RP, PvE
forum thread
Ingame contacts [GL] Livius, [O] Will, Aleister, Thalei
Intro: We are a pack of misfits, troublemakers, screwballs and cockups, cast out of polite society, coming together and finding strength in and shared purpose with each other, to survive and prosper, to be bold, fierce, drunk!

Silver Lion Vanguard
[A] - RP, casual, from expert to beginner, mostly social.
Ingame contacts: [G] Rolas, [O]: Neft & Marus
Intro: We have two goals; reclaim Lordaeron and cleanse the undead taint. This task cannot be accomplished alone. Instead, our members will aid the Alliance as they can to strengthen it for the battles ahead.
We will not shy away from our duty, and when the time comes to reclaim our homeland, we will be on the frontlines. In the name of the Light.

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Due to the higher amount of guilds starting with ‘The’ I’ve decided to give the T it’s own post.


The Argent Vanguard
[A] - Heavy RP, Casual PvP, Casual PvE, Casual Raid
In game contacts: Steadyheart [G]
Intro: The Argent Vanguard aims to be the premier destination for all your Argent Dawn themed Roleplaying needs on Classic WoW

The Expedition
[A] - Raid
Interviewing room forum thread Hydraxian Waterlords - Casual raiding guild recruiting [A, weekend]
Ingame contacts: [G] Thornvine, [O] Jocelyn, Cel
Intro: The Expedition is a casual raiding guild focusing on weekend evenings (Friday/Saturday). We are a diverse group of people, with different nationalities and cultures, various age and gender groups. Some of us are vanilla veterans, some never played classic.

The Frozen Covenant
[A] - Heavy RP
forum thread
Ingame contacts: Zalon
Intro: The Frozen Covenant is an established Cult RP guild; offering a lawful evil organization where we aim to represent a gritty, realistic order and philosophy tailored towards the existence of the Cult of the Damned.

The Hungering Cold
[H] - PvE
Ingame contacts: Sekrarch [O], Kavito [O]
Intro: The Hungering Cold is a guild with history on the Defias Brotherhood RP-PvP. Some of the core members are still around and we aim to be a top raiding guild on Hydraxian Waterlords.

The Kirin Dal
[A] - Heavy RP
Forum thread
Ingame contacts: Valven
Intro: The Kirin Dal is an old mage-rp guild that represents a subbranch of the Kirin Tor, offering both traditional, scholarly mage events (apprenticeships and all that good stuff included) along with more proactive duties, such as securing artefacts from falling into the wrong hands - such as those of cultists.

The Owls
[A] - RP, PvE, social, friendly
Ingame contacts: Faei [G], Andarand, Daisy, Kawen, Linthiael, Valroy, Verenna, Zhulin [O]
Intro: We are a social leveling guild recruiting members who wants to have fun while leveling. We don’t have cake anymore, but sure do have some chatty helpful guildies! Join us by whispering anyone in the guild, and see you in game! hoot

The Postmasters
[H] - RP guild.
In-game contact: Ligeia or any member
Intro: Nothing can stop the mail and we serve the Horde by ensuring the mail/post gets through. Deliveries, escorts, espionage - if it involves the collection and delivery of anything we are your first port of call.

The Silver Order
[A] - Social ,PVE
Ingame contacts: Innu, Creek, Ath and Garzafoss
Intro: goal is to be a fun environment for guild members to level up in, and help each-other in various ways. The intent is to get people up to level 60 and have a guild where finding people to run end-game dungeons shouldn’t be too hard. Once we have enough people who have progressed to beyond dungeons, we may look into the feasibility of dipping our toes into the raids.

The World Tree
[A] - Heavy RP
Ingame contacts: [GL] Elrienne , [O] Gen & Shiqane
Intro: Citizenship Guild based in Darnassus, we are a RP Hub for ALL Races/Classes residing, working or traveling through Elven Lands. Guild is OOC, we RP as Citizens of Elven Lands but we do have IC groups such as Sentinels, Temple & Druids etc.


No guilds yet


Yseras Embrace
[A] - Community-Pve-rp
discord bvFgHTb
Contact Message “Mad” on discord/ingame
Intro: activity : We’ve been around since day 1 and been growing steadily. We promote healthy interaction with the members and this has caused a lovely result of members helping each other. having small banter in /g we have active 20-40 people on always during the day.
plans : To Build a raiding community with a close community attitude.

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Last post I could make.

I hereby open this thread for guilds to be added!
Please post away, and if you have any hints/tips/comments, let me know!

Guild name: The Frozen Covenant
Horde or Alliance: Alliance
Type of guild: Heavy RP
Ingame contacts: Zalon
Introduction: The Frozen Covenant is an established Cult RP guild; offering a lawful evil organization where we aim to represent a gritty, realistic order and philosophy tailored towards the existence of the Cult of the Damned.

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If you have a forum thread / recruitment thread, you can post that instead of the website (or along with if anybody has both a site and a forum thread).

I cannot edit my first post at the moment (11hr timer on it) but will edit it tomorrow to add the forum thread bit to it.