The Horde Clans List

Brothers of the Horde,
We all rolled on our server with high expectations. Some of those were met, others not and with the coming of phase 2 things got a bit rough…

PVE became a bloody game of hide and seek.
PVP is a struggle with the Alliance having the upper hand for that reason or the other.
RP deteriorates day after day.

The easy answer, of abandon ship or log only for raids and later BGs, just doesn’t cut it, for some of us I am sure.
All the above experiences, could be improved greatly, if we better engage with our community and organize in strong and active Clans.

So, all Horde Clan Leaders, interested to hold our Banner high, post below your clan info.

That could be a great tool for:

  • active clans that want to bolster their ranks.
  • active players that can’t find a clan that suits them.
  • clan leaders looking for other clans to run events, form coalitions or even merge.
  • new players rolling on our server.

Clan Name: Self Explanatory
Main Focus: Post your main interest be it RP, PVE or PVP
Intensity: Are most members of your clan casual, semi or hardcore?
Active Members: Like how many players you have that log at least on a day after day basis
Recruiting: Yes, No, Limited
Peak hours: At what server time your clan is more active with events and players online.
Clan Leader: Name and contact information

Please be kind and mature enough to keep this thread clean.

Lok’tar Ogar!


Not complaining but I have three discord channels full with guilds on ZT.
Community on all of those is pretty active and moderated compared to these official forums.

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Although the Horde list is basically the same 5 guilds or so, all looking for full time raiders.

Nice initiative and hopefully it takes off. I have no idea about 95% of the guilds out there.

Clan Name: The Gosh Ogar Clan
Main Focus: RP
Intensity: We try to RP as hardcore as we can. Other content is casual/semi-hardcore.
Active Members: Most weekdays 5-10
Recruiting: Yes
Peak hours: During our big RP events. We also hold clan only events and meetups throughout the week including initiation ceremonies.
Clan Leader: ign: Rushorn, discord: rushork#7231

Clan Name: Torn Tongue
Experience: 15 years of dramas from Defias Brotherhood and Warsong.
Focus on: survival RPG )
Community: oldfags nerds and harcore retail twins, most russian speaking
Online per week: 20-25 members on 60 lvl. 15-20 in the low and mid lvls.
Events: it’s not necessary to be in a clan to participate in RP, PvP and Raids with us. the rules are the same for their own and pugs. Check events in the discord.
RT: saturday 17:00 ST.
Recruting: interested in stable players. With the release of BWL going ep \ gp.
Peak hours: after work
additional contacts: Infinum, Mansen, Voro, Tazar, Nebarn, Deltron, Kolo.

Clan Name: Wicked Brood
Main Focus: Having fun! More specifically we are focused on World PvP and Battlegrounds. We do casual PvE dungeons and raiding for gear/fun
Intensity: Casual / Social - that said we still play to win!
Active Members: 20-30 most evenings.
Recruiting: Yes
Peak hours: People are doing stuff most of the day/night. PvE raiding is Saturday 20:30
Clan Leader: Jestahr

Warband Name: The Howling Axe
Main Focus: Roleplaying, immersion, mutiny&mismanagement type of RP, loser/everyman type of characters
Intensity: We go out of our way to stay In-Character as much as the circumstances allow us to. We are always open to mentor newcomers though.
Recruiting: Always looking for interesting characters; either for joining our guild, or taking part in our plots.
Peak hours: We get most of our RP done on Thursday & Sunday nights. We are more active during weekends than weekdays, atm.
Warband Leader: Themrok & Hogun (OOC) Overseer (NPC leader),

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