The Hydro-Lords Raiding Community!

Hello everyday forum visitor!

I bring word from the (hopefully!) Prestigious community discord (Which you should totally join) about the raiding community for roleplaying guilds to partake in! The aim is to form a non-binding raiding team of people in the community, be they in a RP guild, Raiding Guild, PvP guild, or any other type of guilds! The only requirement is that you have a character on Hydraxian Waterlords server, and are in the Community Discord server! (And able to enter the raid!)

For further information, do check out the Manifesto I’ve linked here below, and do come swing by the community discord if you have any questions! Thank you!


If i ever manage to get my lil hunter to 60 id love to raid.

Is there a Horde equivalent to this?