The Jailer's "Ancient allies" and Sylvanas death

Well we can probably assume by now that the Jailer before his imprisonment decided that Death, being the opposite of Life and as I’ve always suspected, the most dangerous power out there.

I think that the Jailer in the past decided that Death being so powerful, should just consume all the other forms of power and leave the universe in a state of undeath.
To do so, the Jailer most likely reached out to the Void in some form, we can see that many times in the past we see how Necromancy and Void magic is often found together, not always but on several occasions.

And since we know the Jailer had ancient allies, we also know that the Light itself attacked in the Shadowlands, and the Light’s longest enemy has been the Void.

We also saw how the Dreadlords were found on an Old God infested planet when Sargeras discovered them and interrogated them, they in turn were playing their part and manipulated Sargeras into insanity, an act which sparked him to abandon his ways and create the Burning Legion in order to undo all the Titans work. This was with the help of the Void as the Dreadlords first used void magics more purely when first found and later started consuming Fel.

Now we have learned that they are probably created by Denathrius and are secret spies of Death, sent to infiltrate and corrupt all the other 5 powers.
We also see Sylvanas being a servant of Death, but is extremely empowered by shadow magics. Could be death magic but it looks alot different from the Jailers magics.

We know that Denathrius joined the Jailer later on, after first being part of imprisoning him. So what changed their?

Anyway, when we will fight Sylvanas in the Sanctum of Domination, I think her third death will somehow release the Voids influence in the cosmos.
Probably not what the Jailer wants though.
But it would seem as if the Jailer is behind the Burning Legion indirectly, it would make sense he had help from the Void in this case.
Since its a pretty spectacular thing to create an opposition force that is working to undo worlds, leaving them for Death to claim the remains of each world, apart from all the souls that Zovaal gathers from the destruction (besides the ones the demons hasn’t consumed).

What do you guys think? Is it possible that Death allied itsef with the Void?
And will Sylvanas third death usher in the Voids coming?

She has already died 3 times, this would make it the 4th time, if she dies now.

Although, Sylvanas could only die once, like every mortal.
And the “Dark lady” has died 2 times, so idk.

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Had to go look for Sylvanas’ other death wasn’t aware that she got shot by Godfrey once.

Might be though that Sylvanas’ first real death, as in Ranger General of Silvermoon killed by Arthas, doesn’t count towards the deaths of Banshee Queen Sylvanas, who has only died twice so far.

That would definitely be an interesting take of that quote. Though the other is probably to do with Azeroth herself:

1st one being the great sundering, 2nd the cataclysm, and 3rd Sargeras’ big old stab wound. This could line up because BfA did end up being all about them old gods in the end.

PS: “Only died twice” is a pretty odd thing to say.

Btw, wouldn’t that quote, also apply to Azshara or Helya?

Both have been defeated twice so far, are still alive and have a Death / Void affiliation so I don’t see why not! That is if there is some sort of unspoken alliance between the Void and Death.

Or this has already happened, and Il’gynoth meant N’zoth, in visions of N’zoth.
“At the hour of her third death, she will usher in our coming.”

Il’gynoths quote, “our”, (N’zoth) Both are related to old gods.
And we fight both in Ny’alotha, in 8.3.

Don’t think this prophecy has been fulfilled yet.
In my mind I think it’s referring to the Void Lords, not their Old God parasitic puppets and minions.

Although Helya is a potential candidate, my gut instinct tells me it’s Azshara.
She metaphorically died as a Highborne during the Cataclysm and then subsequently died during the raid encounter in the Eternal Palace.

However, even saying that you could argue that she hasn’t died yet at all.
Since in the first case, she underwent a metamorphoses of some kind and in the raid we could of just knocked her out unconscious before a few moments later when N’Zoth shows up to wake her up somehow, before carting her off away from the scene.
It’s implied he stabbed her with Xal’atath (just the dagger/vessel at that point) as you hear a stabbing noise in the final cutscene although, it’s still yet to be overtly confirmed.

All we can assume is that Blizzard will retcon the moment the current lore gets in the way of whatever next “cool twist” they conjure up.


There needs to be less retcons, it shouldn’t be that difficult, to come up with new lore to familiar baddies, or questionable factions such as the brokers or the venthyr and the light.

As SL continues, it might even be that, allies get the villain bat thrown at them for once. We already got a small preview of that, with the night warrior going ape :poop:.

Then we also got almost certain future baddies in, Turalyon, Yrel and Alleria, not sure about Genn, he seems oddly stable atm.
Anduin :man_shrugging:

So they can forget the necessity of “cool twists” especially when they kinda suck at those.

Side note; I don’t even think that we have met, the true Death yet at all, Shadowlands feels all wrong, and too crowded in that regard.
Every time i see zovaal, i just see handsome sqidward
and because of that, i can’t take him seriously even in the slightest…

Shadowlands is filled with way too many, self-absorbed beings, that should not have anything to do with the afterlife, a soul should be left in Peace or cast into damnation.

A soul should certainly not be the play thing or battery, for any of the so called “pantheon on death” and should not have to prove anything to anybody.

And no i don’t think that death, and the void has any deals going on.

Looks like you’ve ended your relationship with Ner’zhul/Lich King after he turned out to be a complete failure, and have moved on to worshipping the Jailer instead. Good for you.

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Nerzhul has been explicitly called as an upcoming agent in future stories. And the Lich King is still very much the same, so…

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Not really not. The Lich King Ner’zhul is still holds several accomplishesments in his own right:

  1. The Lich King outsmarted his own Dreadlords jailers and by extension their demonic masters. Used his champion Arthas to secure his freedom after the
    Legions downfall.

  2. The one who orchestrated the Legions downfall on Azeroth by sending Arthas to trick Illidan to kill Tichondrius for power. Illidan used as bait and all the blame for it.

  3. Allowed to grow the Scourge tremendously powerful, spread his vast influence and powers all over Azeroth through his Liches and especially the human mage(turned Lich) Kel’Thuzad, who was granted power and free will.
    He is considered to be the backbone behind the Scourge creation.

  4. Arthas, his champion, who wave up everything to save his people and therefore the first human to rose to become a Demi-God (Ner’zhul the first orc).
    Arthas was rewarded with being crownend the Lich King as the merged into the most powerful beings on Azeroth as it was stated at the time.
    Arthas wasn’t content to be just one of two being in control and as during their long dormant sleep, Arthas stabbed Ner’zhul in a dream and supressed his powers, taken full control over his vast reach but still retaining all the orcs memories and knowledge, leaving the Lich King now completely soulless.

The Lich King destroy and killed over three whole kingdoms and has the highest ranked villain so far when it comes to known characters in this game who has faced the frozen chill of the Scourge!

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Who cares, he’ll be a fodder raid boss in 9.1 and that’ll be the end of it. He’s literally just the Jailer’s butler.

Excellent. I was worried they might stop recycling the old characters. /s

Death is not the most powerfull force, Void is, void is absence of something, where death destroy life there will be absence of life etc. Void is the emptyness, the abyys in reality that will consume it all, even death will die at the end.The nature of warcraft universe is cyclical, void will always consume everything.And from that singularity new reality shall be born that is the explosion of light and shadow in chronicle.

Are they making WoW like Starcraft ?

WoW the void + void lords

Starcraft the void + Amon

World of Warcraft turning into Universe of Warcraft ?

WoW and SC universes have been repeatedly compared to ever since they championed the ‘morally grey’ vision with Sylvanas.

Plus they recycle stuff a lot nowadays.

When you do the quest Eternal City, you get such phrase among others:

Overseer Ta’readon
Welcome to our bazaar, my friend. We are here to serve.
What is this bazaar?
Here we have some of the more exotic offerings you may seek.
My colleagues and I specialize in sourcing exotic beasts and stabling them. You’ll also find that we have access to what you know as Void Storage, as well as the ability to use your transmogrification magics.
Lastly, my friend Ta’visage over there can aid you in altering your appearance. May as well look good while you are saving the multiverse, no?

“I see only darkness”
© Arthas

gl hf

No, Void cannot control Death, as we first saw in Wotlk. The void has a hard time corrupting undead, for the pure reason that they are undead.
They cannot play with their mental emotions like they can on living beings.
And after the Legion or the Void has devastated a world, Death always wins in the end. All the wars, all the chaos and atrocities committed often is a victory for the forces of death.

As Gul’dan said himself, Death will inherit this world. It makes sense.
Void and Old Gods are quite powerful in their own right, but Death’s necromantic and dominating magics enslaves body, mind and soul.

When the Old Gods corrupt their targets, they go for their mind.
Whereas the Legion loves to torture and murder their victims with their fiery fel magics. Of course there are exceptions to all of these, but Death has the most potent force of magic when it comes to completely corrupt and add to your own ranks.