The lack of communication is awful

I’m not a costumer.

Sadly the Dev communication has gone down the drain ever since Ghostcrawler left.

I was very happy to see him go… I actually cant believe that they have (retail and communication wise) brought the game to such lows… looking back as compared to now even tho many did not like him it was quite the golden age still.

But in general the sudden “next reset X and Y” and then a few hrs later “Actually… we are gonna give it a bit longer” its like… idk, did they get some interns to run stuff over there ? Iv never known Blizzard to flip flop as much. Its like 5 ppl upset you say? Oh well, we cant take those kinds of losses any more ! Quick ! Make everyone into a bowl of fruit ! fast !!

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It was awful, they are improving though.

Yes let’s mock people for having English as their second or third language.
ANother valuable contribution to the forums Dottie, as usual.
Go away now.


I have NEVER heard about raging about some changes that reached the media (atleast not any of the ones i read/watch). The only thing media covers is when people quit en-mass, and “Nobody” plays the game (the game dies).

You mean like how “everyone” complained about borrowed power in BFA, and blizzard still decided to go in the same direction with SL.
I dont think baby-raging makes any major impact, maybe at best some very minor changes.

This is the ONLY thing they care about. If people actually stopped playing, stopped subbing, they would change things in a heartbeat.
Claiming you can change blizzards way by “baby-raging” is a bit naive imo.

People don’t get better at something unless they are corrected when they are wrong. Besides, I doubt your first language isn’t English, looking at the spelling and grammar of the post. It’s just a misspelling and something that annoys me.

Well, I’m from Denmark.
We speak Danish here.
Men det vidste du jo nok ikke. Du vil bare spille smart på et internet forum.
Gå væk.

Try to contribute something useful to the discussion about Blizzards lack of communication regarding upcoming patches and go play ‘Teacher’ somewhere else.
Your services are not required here when your goal is just de-railing a thread.

Ok I believe you now, but I never liked hypocrisy.

Like giving criticism but now being able to take it. Kind of like insults, google translate is useful.

When did I insult you?
All I did was say exactly what you’re doing.
Because it’s all you ever do on these forums.
Stop de-railing the thread now and go troll somewhere else.

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Telling me to go away for one. Saying I don’t help on the forums, which I do, except in General most of the time which is full of trolls anyway and calling me a troll.

Telling you to go away isn’t insulting you, it’s simply asking you to because, once again, as usual, you add exactly nothing to the discussion and simply attack people for having subpar second language skills.
Which, once again, adds nothing to the discussion and simply derails the thread.
I don’t know how else to explain this to you.
So please, go away now.

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It is against the rules, if you bother to read them.

Just felt like, if u can correct others, I should correct you :smiley:


When you talk about forum rules, do you mean this one?

Because so far, in this very thread, that’s literally 100% of your posts.
But let me guess, this is not part of the rules you were referring to, right?

I was talking about trying to intimidate other players.

Edit: or even the part about only posting in English too.

How is asking you to leave the thread and stop spamming it with no-content off-topic posts trying to intimidate you?
I just… Wow, at this point it’s just blatant trolling.

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Post in English, and English only

Moderators need to be able to read everything you write to make sure it’s not unsuitable for the forums. If we can’t, we have to assume the worst and consider the post a breach of the forum guidelines. Posts not in English are subject to deletion.
Note: an extra version in English is not good enough, as a moderator can’t verify that the non-English text is the same as the English one.

So the only ‘gotcha’ you have about me breaking forum rules is me posting briefly in Danish to prove to you that English is indeed my second language?
And you insist you’re not trolling?

Sigh, dude. Just sigh…

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