The legend of Angwe - wow being too convenient

Just saw now the story of the rogue from the menethil harbor and realize that we will never have cool/wierd/epic stories like this anymore in modern wow.

The game is way to sensitive and convenient for fun stuff to happen.


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Eh, I think it’s more cross-realm gameplay, faction change, server change, name change, alts, and all that other stuff that muddies the otherwise static nature of servers and players in the “old days”.
And also just it being “old days”.

I certainly remember being quite the ganker myself on my server and reveling in being cold-blooded. If it’s red it’s dead.
Now I don’t have the time or inclination for that anymore.

Everyone had a reputation. There were people you feared. There were opposite faction guilds that were sworn enemies, and opposite faction guilds you had a friendly relationship with.

It was a different time. But if you played Dark Age of Camelot or Ultima Online it was the same dynamic. It wasn’t a WoW specific thing.

Today it’s just different. Times change.

Because people today care about actual fun, not communities.

That’s a weird way of putting it.

I certainly had a lot of fun hovering high in the air on my mount at the Elemental Plateau in TBC, waiting for any poor soul to start farming elementals, only to swoop down and kill them at their most vulnerable. And then back on the mount, up in the air. Waiting.

Today the gameplay is just more driven. There are tasks. You complete them. You get more tasks. You do them. Keeps you occupied.

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Well, back then World PvP was still tied to PvP realms. Now since Warmode exists, people that don’t like to be griefed by PvP players just stay out of it. As marked in your comment, you said “I had”. The opposing player probably didn’t had the fun in that moment.

Why play with PvP enabled on for some slight bonus rewards but putting you under stress 24/7 whenever you see another player approaching? People like me avoid WM like the pest.

Probably not. But those were the conditions of playing on a PvP server. And like I said, then much has changed since then. Cross-realm zones, Warmode as you mention, and so forth.
It’s just different today.

We grew up

that’s what you call “boring” now? growing up? Cool

Fun for you maybe, torture for the other player who just wanted to have fun, too, and you ruined it for them.

That’s exactly why I always hated PvP. My first character was on a PvP server, because my friends were there, thankfully concentrating fully on the PvE side of the game made it possible to avoid PvP more or less apart from the unnecessary ganking around port stones. As soon as my old guild went apart I switched all my characters to a PvE server and never regretted that choice. It’s to this day one of the most populated Alliance servers.

(Instanced PvP is all right, I guess, there ppl go to get themselves killed, but it was horrible having to PvP for the MoP cloaks…)

Fun for whom? Just him. Not the low level players repeatedly getting ganked by a max level.

Be real. Nobody will feel like their game is ruinned because they are camped by a rogue. Usuaully people get mad for a while, learn how to deal with it and goes on with their game. Nobody except snowflakes, of course. They will get offended by anything.

Some others, that are more passionate about warcraft and what trully used to be, will call for backup and destroy his arrse. Epic world pvp wars can start just from that. Stories that people will still like to talk about even 20 years later on. But I’m sure you wont get the epicness. Gonna bet you’re afk-ing in valkdraken and just do instanced stuff.

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And ppl complain about the DF story being to considerate of the characters feelings. Answers like yours show that’s something ppl need to be taught urgently.

Yes, the NPCs in the game aren’t real ppl, but the PCs are. Getting camped or ganked repeatedly can ruin another players day, especially if they don’t have friends available in game or other characters to log in. It’s fun at the expense of others, and that doesn’t deserve support at all.


that’s the rpg element right there. I for example, dont mind getting ganked. I actually like it, even if its frustrating at the moment. It makes me realize that people are passionate about the game and that they enjoy the pvp. Also, it can turn into epic fights as I said. Or at least in cool stories to tell.

Btw, i really dont get what you’re crying about tho. You get pve servers/warmode off if you dislike that. So people that are to sensitive to pvp, just go play there/remove warmode.

Just like you, I was talking about the past. I’m happy on my Alliance only server with Warmode off. :slight_smile:

i mean sure its fun to get ganked the first time, but when it gets repeated its rather annoying. (talking about the old days here).

although one of my fondest memories is travelling with a group of low level alliance players to Booty bay and being ganked by tiger and panther mobs along the way. it was hilarious. but thats a different scenario

in the past, you had as i said, your pve servers you could play on. So there’s no reason to cry about ganks after you made your choice to play on a pvp realm. But snowflakes brain dont follow any logic, haha.

we all have cool stories to tell like this. I for example loved the STV pvp wars. Even if it was annoying as hell to get ganked, i was still rushing in STV at lvl 30 very enthusiastic about all the imprevisible stuff that was going to happen in that lovely zone. We dont have stories like this to tell anymore with the current wow, sadly.

Problem with pvp servers is and has been for a long time faction imbalance.

Wpvp is still alive and well in warmode, and you can still make people mad enough to whisper you in WM, if you want to.

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