The likes are flawed!

Have a like, Drstrangle! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Only if you let it.

People on Argent Dawn for example keep liking each other if they happen to share “The Right Opinion”, but they are about as “Right” as mudwater is drinkable.


Honestly, that’s pretty strange to hear, if you really worded those posts exactly like that. I found that I can have whatever unpopular opinion, and as long as I word it as being my preference, i.e. “I really liked WoD. To me, WoD was a good expansion” (which is one unpopular opinion I do have), very few people try to challenge it. If on the other hand I would phrase it as “WoD was a good expansion”, a lot more people feel the urge to give their two cents of disapproval.

But yes, there are two types of talibans in my experience on the forum, where the personal angle doesn’t seem to do much to deter them from feeling the urge to yell “blood for the blood god” and jump at your throat: saying you dislike LFR, and saying you like Classic WoW. For some reason, those are no-noez on the GD forum.


Its easy the"superduperultraomega" friends club Aka the radical chic always gather around to "post their opinion, of how they are they right and you are wrong.


You never used Reddit right??
But there you can actually buy likes, and guess what, Activion-Blizzard actually pays attention to whom ever has more.

In these forums whom ever has more likes seems to “win” arguments because the masses agree with them.
Gives them a sense of validation, look no further than the so callef “vip” (green) users.



I must be immune to likes. Both on getting them and (not) getting addicted to them. Maybe I am too old for modern social media culture ? :frowning:

I ‘like’ on 2 criteria most times - when post is exceptionally good and clearly well thought trough and other is, when people respond to me and answer something. I like them for taking time to respond and I use ‘like’ mainly when I do not have a follow up post. So trough ‘like’ they see I have read and appreciated their response.


Yeah, the “Likes” could be seen as more like you appreciating/finding a comment insightful. Sounds pretty sensible.

For that, I give 'ye a blue heart, as you seem to not get them.

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“Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?” IS ALSO FLAWED!!


Actually i lied. In a way. I was not always immune to ‘like addiction’ I actually trained myself to be immune.

You see many years back, when I was young artist and just starting my progression and I got disheartened, when I did manga styled things people liked them, and when i changed from that people just shrugged it off, and when I saw worse artists be praised… I … I … was disheartened. I got a lesson before Instagrams and stuff were a thing, but it was a painful realisation how destructive ‘like hunt’ can be. Took a break, re-branded myself (so to speak). People wouldn’t even know that the old manga things were mine, and now I would claim also they aren’t. Not that manga is bad, just manga isn’t my thing and I killed myself as an artist for ‘likes’.

Also it would be easy to say thinks that are popular and liked. i have conducted such experiments in facebook. I can get 800+ likes on groups like Anonymous just by saying something. That same formula you can apply to 9 gag too. But is it worth to change yourself for a like ? I did learn that rather not as none of those ‘likes’ give you anything IRL. So bloody what if someone thinks differently about some Warcraft related NPC ? Or mechanic - my coffee still tastes good !


gief :-1: button
and it should not -1 likes it should show both

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As Arkeno says ,give us the dislike button and make it show how much dislike it had not just the substraction.

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And that’s the important thing :coffee:

I mean you are referring to people you have a discussion with as opponent so they might be onto something there :wink:

No, only to people like this of course.

While still adhering to the Forum Guidelines of course. :wink:

At the end of the day likes are just one tool for online interactions, and different people are going to both view and use them differently. And that’s OK!

Fortunately, we’ll still have good old words to express the nuance of our (dis)agreements.


I disagree. I have chosen to pout instead. See… i pout… SEE… SEEEEE!

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You have a cute pout. For an orc.

It is a… really confusing topic in a way.

From one side, fight for your opinion, break the echo chamber, let your roar be as loud as a battle cry!
From another side, who are you and whom do you speak for, where are your credentials, do you have the right to spread misinformation?

Current online communication is hard. Stay true to yourself, do not be afraid to show your emotion and fight for your right to speak. But never be too hard and stubborn, as you may simply be… wrong.

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