The Logical Cube, casual raiding guild, is recruiting DPS

The Logical Cube, casual raiding guild, is recruiting DPS for our HC/Mythic raid/ambitions 9/10 HC wed/sun)

We are one of the older guilds still (again) active on Darkmoon Faire, founded at the end of TBC / beginning of WoTLK.

In our history we moved to different realms a few times. We raided as Horde on Draenor for Cataclysm and part of Mists of Pandaria. We moved to Silvermoon to rejoin the noble alliance again (since all orcs must die) and raided WoD and Legion. For the most part we skipped BFA and we recently decided to rebuild the guild once more for Shadowlands and beyond.

The Logical Cube achieved realm firsts, alliance first and other nice feats of strength over the years. We did EU first in WoTLK 10 man on 3 bosses (in all fairness mainly because DMF was one of the only realms that was online while the rest was still down that morning)

The best part of our guild is the atmosphere and the relaxed approach during our raids. This is why our players always return to their home when the battle cry roars! We are now looking to recruit more players to join us and finish the last boss in Castle Nathria and get the Curved achievement and in preparation of raiding Mythic.

In order to start raiding mythic, we need a few more players who finish our roster, as some of us have other obligations, a job, kids and a real life next to raiding/gaming sometimes.

The age of most players in our guild is end 20’s to people in their 50’s.
If you are 22 and think you are da bomb, we are not looking for you.

We raid Wednesday and Sunday from 20:30 - 23:30 (ish).
Every hour we set a break (for our older people who need to pee a lot :wink:

Back in the days we took raiding pretty serious, we now take it semi serious. Meaning;

We expect you to:

  • Have a positive mindset towards learning boss fights.
  • Prepare new fights, watch guides and lookup what you need to know.
  • Come to raids when you sign up.
  • Have your gear enchanted and gemmed.
  • Have consumables with you.
  • Have addons like DBM/Bigwigs/GTFO/Raid Assist
  • Join our Discord
  • Don’t mind wiping (to much)

We offer:

  • Two (sometimes 3) raids per week
  • A great group of people (some with great extensive knowledge of game)
  • Experience positive (and hilarious) officer team
  • Our guildbank provides flasks and food (enchants/gems when you’re out of gold)
  • Nice social environment outside of raiding, always people online lvl’ing or doing M+
  • A chance to raid heroic and mythic and do m+ in guild.

So if you are looking for a new guild and would like to try us out?
Feel free to contact me or any of our officers ingame for a chat. (Groundslam, Meelai, Rehka or Ockham)
A trial raid (or two) cross realm is no problem.

Since we are rebuilding we don’t have the following classes in our raids:

- Death Knight (DPS)
- Hunter (all specs)
- Shaman (all specs)
- Warrior (DPS)
- Monk (DPS/Heal)

We are also taking in social/casual players and wil offer a flex raid for those.
Day for this has not yet been decided.


We have a mage who likes to put portals in silly spots during raids (yes also doing progress). Also its advised to have a Neural Silencer with you, cause you can’t trust any1 inhere :wink:

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I am a log time player, since launch, with lots of breaks. I raided seriously in TBC, WotLK, and a little after that.

I have just returned, rolled a DI Dwarf Mistweaver Monk on Darkmoon Faire and am planning on levelling quickly to get back in to raiding. It sounds like your guild would be a great home so would you accept an application on that basis?

I am in my late 40’s so fit in nicely with the age group you mention!

Sigh… the character I should have posted as is Ironmist, the DI Dwarf monk in question …

Hey there!

You are welcome to try us out! I have extended you an invite in the recruitment thingy ingame!


Thank you :smiley: I will hop in game after work and say hi!

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