The Logical Cube Reunion Raid

Hello Darkmoon Faire!

The 29 of januari The Logical Cube will be doing a Reunion raid!
The core of the guild will come back together on the 29th and raid together once again. Around 20-25 people have signed up for it now, so we still have a few spots open. Gear or experience of the current raid is not needed, it’s just to have some fun and see each other again!

If you are an old Cube, add me at Groundslam#2699 or find us on Darkmoon Fair. We made a new guild, The iLogical Cube, since we don’t have acces to our guild atm.


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Oh, we will try and stream the raid, so if you don’t play anymore or don’t have an alliance char, hop on Disc and watch us wipe on trash :wink:

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