The long list of Havoc Demon Hunter changes we need


Demon Hunter base tree:

  • Vengeful bonds: Removed - useless talent
  • Demonic: Made baseline for Havoc, First of the Illidari is nerfed to granting 5% Versatility and reducing Metamorphosis cooldown by 30 seconds - currently nobody plays First of the Illidari because Demonic is simply too good.
  • Darkness: Changed to 3 minute cd baseline - 5 minutes for such a mediocre RNG cooldown is not worth
  • Pitch Black: Changed to making the Darkness always be around the Demon Hunter like an AoE Aura instead of being a ground deployable, this will make the ability feel infinitely more smooth
  • Quickened Sigils - change the baseline explosion of Sigil to become 1.5s, and if you take Quickened Sigils, they would explode after 0.5s
  • Illidari Knowledge - Add a choice node for a Physical damage reduction talent of 6%

Havoc Demon Hunter Tree talents:

  • Improved Chaos Strike talent is removed (some minor dmg buff to the spell baseline can be done, it continues to hit for nothing) > Choice Node for Desperate Insticts / Netherwalk is moved to the spot where Improved Chaos Strike currently is. This will allow more-accessible defensive options

  • Choice Node for Netherwalk / Desperate instincts - Netherwalk is usable while stunned. Desperate insticts gets reworked to reducing the cooldown of Blur by 10 or 15 seconds and it providing an additional 5% damage reduction.

  • Critical Chaos - removed Crit stat requirement, reduced to 15% or 20% extra chance to refund Fury baseline.

  • All talents from Initiative to Momentum get reworked - this playstyle is widely hated by the community

  • Chaos Theory - bring back the old effect from the Shadowlands Legendary, where your Blade dance has a let’s say a 40% chance to increase the damage of Chaos Strike / Annihilation for 8 seconds by let’s say 40% or 50%

  • Essence Break - reworked to be more similar to a Warrior’s Warbreaker. Moved up to and replaces “Looks can kill” in the middle of the tree. Looks can kill becomes baseline, so Eye Beam always crits. Essence Break rework can be having a longer duration, at least 8 seconds. The currently windows for doing damage with it are terrible, especially in PvP, considering targets can move away and your Blade Dance has an animation, it is not instant. Since Essence would not be the bottom talent for the left tree with this, provide a completely new final left tree talent for the bottom.

  • First Blood and Dancing with Fate - made into 1 combined talent with an additional choice node with a talent that would greatly increase Blade dance single-target damage and greatly reduce the AoE dmg - for Raid and PvP scenarios.

  • Chaotic Transformation - made baseline

  • Restless Hunter - removed / reworked. Normal form Blade dance is generally a spell that tickles, modifying it is pointless.

  • Fel Barrage - currently almost never played in any form of content because of actually losing global cooldowns for the casting animation. Rework it so that it combines with Immolation Aura as a passive (of course dealing a lot less damage than Fel Barrage currently does).

  • Ragefire - rework the talent so that every time Immolation aura has dealt damage equal to your maximum HP, it’s cooldown is reduced by 10 seconds.

  • Isolated Prey - not affected by your own Fodder to the Flame demon, this interaction is extremely annoying

  • Glaive Tempest - provide actual damage to this spell, it feels super useless to use, while it is actually very cool in design.

PvP honor talents:

  • Glimpse - retains its current effect, with an added bonus to retaining the 35% damage reduction for 2 seconds after you land
  • Unending Hatred - removed, made baseline in a smaller amount
  • Rain From above - spell is extremely buggy, fix UI interactions with it, allow early cancellation of the ability since the Demon Hunter can Glide down anyway if he is high up in the air
  • Reverse Magic - can be added to normal Tree instead of being a PvP talent. It’s a quality of life ability, similar to Tiger’s lust for Monks. If this seems to broken for PvE, can set a player cap for it of 3.

Unfortunately that is where my imagination ends, so obviously a lot more things can be done differently with new spells, choice nodes etc.

Now to talk about Spell clunkyness and issue interactions:

  • Remove the Global cooldown from Darkness and Netherwalk - these are defensives, it makes sense. Reference to Windwalker monks having no GCD on any of their big defensives, Warlocks, Warriors, Rogues etc

  • The Hunt cancelling itself if a target goes behind a pillar / on top of a platform slightly and you have already casted it and are charging in. Oftentimes the spell casts itself in this way that you are charging towards a target, but you don’t take the curve on a platform / pillar / wall and it ends up not doing any damage at all.

  • Target caps - extremely annoying target cap for an AoE based class on many abilities. Look towards changing the numbers or removing target cap from some.

  • Imprison - make it so it does not break from your own Immolation aura. This interaction is extremely annoying, very similar to the Mage interaction with Frost Nova breaking Polymorph (not sure if that is still a thing, I believe it was fixed)

  • Add New spells - at least 1-2 completely new spells we haven’t seen before would be great.

  • Fodder to the Flame Demon NPC bugging out constantly - whether it just stays where it spawns, or getting stuck on a wall / pillar / platform corner, the Demon should walk towards you faster and actually reach you no matter what, please fix this.

  • Fel Rushing off of platforms for double the distance bug - this happens sometimes, you might be at the edge of a platform and you Fel rush towards the edge and it does double the distance for no apparent reason, making you fall of platforms or greatly going way too far from where you wanted to go “Important note for this that this often causes a player to disconnect”

  • Slower than “instant” happening of “instant” spells - might be an MS / ping issue (although I always have about 35), but oftentimes I hear the sound of my Imprison or Chaos Nova however it does not go off due to me being stunned or something the literal same moment. Have had this happen before on other classes as well, such as Monk, I believe this is some kind of coding issue. This NEVER happens for me for Fel Eruption, but happens for Imprison and Chaos Nova, and they are all listed as “instant” spells.

These are the things I had in mind for now, hope this is useful to any Dev who might have randomly seen this post


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