The Mage transmog from remix

Garrosh doesn’t answer to anything. Not logic, not consistency and not that coward continuity!


Blood Mage gang RISE UP


We’re so BACK blood elf bros.


Just a shame those appearances are not available for Warlocks :frowning:


Now we need some form of glyph to change Meteor into Kael’thas Flamestrike. The mechanic is identical. We cast a marker on the ground accompanied by the distinct gong sound and then followed by an explosion of flames a second later.

That would be wonderful.

You’re not gonna believe this.

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I know of this spell’s existence. The problem is it looks nothing like the Flamestrike that Kael’thas uses both in Warcraft 3 and HotS.

WoW version is more like a cinderfall. A pillar of flame that is called down not brought up from the ground.

Blood Mage time :smirk:

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I also think it’s no big deal. Kael’thas used the moon crystals. Maybe your Blood mage uses different materials for their spheres.
Could even be a hook for some blood-mage-talk about why yours uses X instead of Y compared to another blood mage.

Common hypocrisy or pre-exile void elves to-be.

Not sure how it’s common hypocrisy when they purely existed in Kael’thas’s Legion aligned forces, but also these hostile NPCs existed in an era when Shadow =/= Void. There’;s nothing to really explain them beyond “yo these dudes are a blood elf take on shadow priest, btw they’re all aligned with Kael.”


When in doubt just trust Rommath.

He says Shadow Priests are fine? They are. Umbrics followers are going too far? Yep, seems like the case.

To quote his Hearthstone card: “Don’t think too hard. You’ll hurt yourself.”


I’m thinking of those folks in krasarang wilds.

“It’s not hypocrisy when I do it”. Looking forward to his autocratic coup attempt.

I don’t really see an issue with using them at this point, especially if the individual in question is a legitimate Blood Elf enthusiast. If anything, with how desperate the modern writers are at removing anything unique to specific playable races/classes I daresay it’s important to showcase exactly what made Blood Elves stand out in the first place.

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