The Mage transmog from remix

Nobody appreciates the Blood Mage vibe more than I; Glory to Kael’thas and an eternal curse to the folks responsible for ruining the Sun King’s writing.

Now with that out of the way, it does present some curiosities.

Verdant Spheres.

In og cata or was it MoP, we got these as a glyph for warlocks. All good. No prob.

But then later on, I VERY MUCH remember some official lore somewhere stating that the Verdant Spheres hovering around Kael are the pieces that form the Key of the Three Moons, that Arthas used to invade QT to begin with.

Thusly the question becomes: Why do we get Verdant Spheres if in lore, only one person has them and that dude is now out of sight, out of mind in the Shadowlands?

Im trying to think on the IC approach to all this and im drawing a blank.

Any Blood Elf diehard experts in here that can shed some light on things?

(For bonus points, feel free to explain Dusk Priests too. I can’t figure out them, while also seeing Team Umbric forgetting about the Lordaeron Alliance and the 2 times the Kirin Tor followed suit.)

For the same reason we got every legendary and artifact one-of-a-kind weapon in Warcraft since Vanilla:

It looks cool as hell.

Jokes aside, Blood Elven Blood Mages use them. They’re rare, and they’re not THE Verdant Spheres, but you can be a blood mage and use them.

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I think at the end of the day, Verdant Spheres are just floating orbs. Sure, the lore makes them something special, but I don´t think the idea of mage having bunch of floating orbs (that can have their own use, or be just decorative because your character is a fan of the aesthetic) should be something exclusive to Kael´Thas just because the floating orbs he had were one of a kind.


I can respect the rule of cool, absolutely! But I suspect I will be justifiably laughed out of the room, or the entire server, if I claim to be running around with the actual Ashbringer IC.

I am not saying you wouldn’t be, I am just saying that everything you can transmog doesn’t need to necessarily translate to your roleplay character being able to use it just because you, as a player, can.

That aside, as I’ve said, Blood Mages use spheres akin to the Verdant Spheres, in what little lore we have about both Blood Mages and their spheres.


I just want my Verdant Spheres back as a glyph for Mages… The ones you got with Felo’melorn :frowning:

We now have 3 possibilities for Verdant Spheres:

  • Warlock Soulspheres in Green and Purple
  • Blue Verdant Spheres with the Head item
  • Green Verdant Spheres with the new Head item

Now I just want my Orbs floating around me endlessly!

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There’s red ones for destruction only as well!

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Nice! I use the Green fire and the green Soulspheres on my Warlock, so thats why I forgot the Red ones!

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Having some orbs to ponder floating around you doesn’t need much explanation.
even if they look like the spheres of a certain keal’thas, they could just as likely be some other wizard trinket with their own use.
there is enough weird and minor artifacts in wow of little importance for you to slip in something new.

While the Verdant Spheres were super special unique artifacts, WC3 also had Orb items (Fire/Venom/Corruption/etc.) that floated around the character/their weapon. Not exactly unreasonable to just say your Verdant Spheres are some of those IC, letting you look extremely cool and not claiming the Ashbringer IC.


Easy to say you have a form of verdant spheres but not -The- Verdant Spheres tbf.


Precisely. They look like condensed spheres of fel, which is… I won’t say “easy to come by”, but any self-respecting Blood Mage should have the means, method and motive.

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Considering how many widgets and gizmos mages and warlocks collect, from kor gems to amplify their power to wands that turn naughty pupils into toads… don’t think it’s a far shout for some warlock and/or mage to make some budget verdant spheres.

A Teemu special, if you would. Cast like a Blood Mage-aire. Or whatever.


To be fair, SL Kael’thas is just his soul
its not like he took his body and his belongings with him to the shadowlands
I even have his bird in my mount stables

and yeah I would also go for the ‘his verdent spheres contain the pieces of the key’ rather then ‘verdant spheres contain the pieces of the key’

Garrosh was still wearing the Tusks of Mannoroth how did that work

he didn’t even die with them on


soul chooses a form to represent itself I reckon
otherwise why would anyone have clothes in the shadowlands

Using my death and resurrection as an infinite duplicate item glitch

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Kael’thas did plenty wrong, but his taste in wardrobe wasn’t among it. I doubt I will use the look IC, but I am definitely going to be alternating between the phoenix vibe and this one.


Just a fashion choice for mine.

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he doesnt care how many times he dies.

he’s STILL not dropping the tusks of mannoroth