The magic of solo shuffle

Average waiting time: 13 min
Time in queue: 30 min

“Should start any minute, so I won’t go now to the toilet now”
5 min later… “can’t hold it anymore”
Going for toilet 20 sec…
Queue is gone

What can I say. 4 magic words; S.O.L.O.


I don’t want to say anything about that all the time there is 1 guy who dies on my side, but when it moves to them, he knows to press the buttons.


legend has it that the people who achieved it didnt have any breaks

yea f solo shuffle.The map pool is getting so insanely is blizzard doing

Just delete the obvious bad ones and to give us variety they can reskin good ones. No model difference, just different theme/zone with same layout.

Lorderon and Blades edge can suck.

That’s basically guaranteed - if you go to the toilet the q will pop while you’re away :smiley:

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