The Many-Faced Devourer isn't dropping any loot for the Uuna quest


I’m trying to do the Uuna questline so then I can get Baa’l, but I can’t advance anymore

I can keep summoning him with the Bone Effigy, but then when he’s dead you can’t loot. Need to loot him to get Uuna, but can’t

Any ideas?

Edit you can only loot him once a day so that’s why lol. How do I delete this

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You can’t. Your derp must remain here forever!! Only kidding. You can’t delete the first post on thread creation, you can however edit it using the Pencil icon and replace all the text with “Nothing to see here” and save. That way your derp will only remain known to those that have already read it… like me… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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