☆The Many Few☆Horde☆ T.O.V Raid Recruitment☆

(Angelreeper) #1

Check out team TMF (The Many Few)(Horde)

Currently Recruiting 370+ Raiders for Tides Of Vengeance raid tier:

DPS Shadow Priest (High)
DPS Mage (High)
Healer - Resto Shammy (High)
Healer - Holy Priest (High)
Healer - Mistweaver (High)

(Most Applications Considered)

I’m not going to bore you with a sales pitch offer to win you over, my guild has be active and stable for over 2 years and we are always looking for well rounded players to join the family.
We are semi hardcore and raid 2 nights a week wed & Sun st 20:00-23:00 currently Uldir 8/8HC 2/8M we do in house M+

My vision is to go back to the love of the game, the reason we all started in the beginning and enjoy playing online with like minded people not letting it become a chore.

We are quite a active guild with someone being on DC and a few members online most evenings. As some of us have demanding jobs, young families & some are expecting new additions i understand the daily duties and responsibilities required we try accommodate wherever possible.
If you would like more info or we tick some of you box’s give me a shout or add me on btag Angelreeper#21136 Kind Regards Phil

For more Info check out our website
www .themanyfewhorde.enjin .com
Socials are always welcome and do not need to apply just give me a shout ingame or on Bnet for invite :grinning: :grinning:

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