The Missing Diplomat

Long chain so will be specific as to the step. Defeat Private Hendel, If Jaina is there the Archmage and the night elf npc , it is literally impossible to progress this chain, I would have thought after 15 years the developers would have been able tp fix what were known bugs back in vanilla so they did not occur in classic. Obviously quality control is still lacking. I posted this here because I cannot find a bug report forum for classic no matter how I searched, again basic quality control is lacking move this if necessary, but fix the quest during next weekly reset please.

Bug reports are not handled nor forwarded by Support. You can do so through the following method here which will be send to QA/Devs.

Magical Bug Report

To report a bug in-game:

  1. Click Help to open the Customer Support window.
  2. Click Submit Bug .
  3. Enter the details of the bug, making sure to follow the guidelines outlined on the submission form.
  4. Click Submit .

You missed the point I was making Saneko, there is a bug report forum for retail, There should therefore be one for classic. I was making the point that Blizzard are lazy, incredibly lazy , for a multi million earning company, first rule of customer service is “the customer is always correct”, second rule is "If in doubt refer to rule 1.

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No there isn’t.

There is a bug report forum on the US forums, because thats where the developers are. There is no bug report forum on the EU forums, because all the developers are in the US, not the EU.

The only way to report a bug on the EU side, is the method Saneko stated.

I think you need to wikipedia the origins of that little nugget, and what it really means, and how it came to be. It doesn’t mean what you (and 99% of others) think it means.

There is not and I don’t think has ever been a bug report forum in the EU. Bugs are reported ingame as Saneko said so they go straight to the people who actually deal with them in the US.

/edit or what Trovlak said

Hello Belgodslayer,

Your fellow players are absolutely correct in their information about the different ways bugs are reported.

Kind regards

What’s your opinion?

What you talking about? Quest working as intended! No bug here! I was on same quest 2 days ago ;s Just move your lazy pala outside Jaina spawn and wait for NPC+ 2 bodyguards spawn. Done. What a liar ;s

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