The Mount Poll

Weren’t you the one accusing others of playing “victim” earlier?

Well, I don’t care. I’m gonna leave you two to your discussion now. Have fun. :wink:

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There are always going to be some who are unhappy with the outcome of polls.

I still think it’s a really nice thing Blizzard are doing and I hope we see the other mounts appear at some point.



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well that was uncalled for tbh.

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Scroll up. What i said is a fact after u see what he wrote.

The whole discussion is derailed because people do not know how a discussion works. All they care for is being right and when they lose they go “you cant say this or that its hurtful” or “not in my :nauseated_face: “fake” experience”.

All Blizzard forums are like this since a few years and its getting super annoying.

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i get that, but imo you should just have left it at that, no need to get snarky cause then things go on and on and in the end you re not coming out of it any better than the other person. :woman_shrugging: dont let frustration get the better of you.

forums can be agitating at times. :smile:

No they have no place on such forums. I respond substantively and they subvert. The moment they know they lost the who is right battle they do this.

Why do i say the to be right battle? Because that is what is it to them… The content of the discussion does not matter… What is being presented to them they wont even respond to and i gave him the tools to prove him self right and me wrong but he left at that moment.

Welcome to general DISCUSSION where in Blizzard forum the discussion does not matter but where you try your hardest not to get false flagged.

Well i have as mains DK and Warlock and i am totally ok with everything :slight_smile:


Fair play, enjoy the expansion mate :+1:

Just giving my two cents and calling it how I see it, and having a moan as usual lol

I don’t know what is going on. I was trying to get to pool, but intereaction on blizz forum is so poor that I constantly struggled with my account not beeing to proper one, since I play on EU server yet WoW forum keeps redirecteing me to US server where it keep saying Iam not logged in.
When I finally got thru, I clicked on one mount hoping it will show me it’s model, and when I clicked on second mount It just counted my vote without me aproving my choice.
Everywhere I looked I can’t seem to find models for those mounts.

Models do not exist as yet, you are voting on concepts…although a few YouTubers have put together some educated guess artwork

Nobody is a loser. That is the main thing to get across. Everybody is a winner, we all got a free mount and all got a say in it.

PS I see large ground mounts all the time. Not sure why people suddenly have a narrative that mounts have to be small and slim to be good.

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That tree mount will be a reskin of infernal mount, I understand that a lot of wow players are elf’s and they want to ride an ancient, but please, there are way better choice… CATERPILLAR!!

Really? That’s cool I don’t have an infernal like mount yet.

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Current standing of EU poll at the time of posting :slight_smile:

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Any idea about US?

Sure, snapshot at time of posting:-

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Thank you!

Not that much more voters than we have here. Thought US had more people active.

It’s like any voting, the number of people that can vote vs the people that actually vote is very different.

To be honest I’d probably be happy with any free mount but I’m glad the Ancient is winning. It’s something different and unique IMO. I know people feel very strongly for their choices :slight_smile:

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